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Monday, December 19, 2011

Relaxing Retreat

This weekend, I took a Friday off and headed Upstate to visit the family. It was a wonderful, relaxing weekend filled with eating, sleeping, running, drinking (wine of course) and baking. Just what the doctor ordered! It was great to spend time with family and catch up on much needed shut eye. These past few months have been insanely busy, by choice of course, and it was great to get away.

By day, pictures of my relaxing weekend...


Lunch at McSweeny's!

Champlain Wine Company. 

New Car Smell. 

Bottle of Red. Fireplace. Fine Dining. Family.



Weird Cloud on Morning Run.

Treat for Running.


Movie Time.



Of course, it's always great to get back home...

These two were waiting for me! Aren't they an adorable welcome home party! I need to once again, thank Tess for watching Oliver!

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