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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend: Saturday

Saturday morning was definitely more rough than any of the others. With that 
said, don't even begin to think it stopped us from spending the day shopping! 
Apparently, at the dinner table the night before, I warned my parents the 
night couldn't get too crazy because I had to go shopping tomorrow! Crazy it 
did get, but that didn't stop us from our fabulous shopping adventures. 

My Mother needed a little extra recovery time, which left my Father and 
me on bagel duty. It was yet again, a beautiful sunny morning in November. 
Oliver, and his four stubby little legs, walked all the way to Murray's Bagel 
and back to SoHo with us. While waiting outside, as my furry little friend 
couldn't enter, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield passed by. Always a 
celebrity sighting at Murray's!

My Mom finally made her morning debut and we sat on a park bench, ate 
our bagels and planned out my our day of shopping. It was a long successful 
day. As my Dad said, You're now checked off the Christmas list! My Mother 
added that she was going to wrap me up and place me under the tress
 since I wouldn't have anything to open Christmas morning! 

Another nap was needed. Are you sensing a routine? We divided ways and 
went to rest up for dinner. 

That evening, we had dinner reservations with our long time family 
friends who were visiting from Michigan. The restaurant selection for that 
even was yet again based upon my Mother and her sweet tooth. Spina, which 
is located in the East Village, has the best Tiramisu I have ever had. 

This summer I was introduced to Spina by my friend James Taylor, Seriously, 
though we refer to him as Tails. Tails and I had a wonderful dinner one 
Friday evening. We dined at the bar, drank a lot of wine, indulged in 
homemade pasta, and finished out the evening with their fabulous tiramisu. 

I was so excited, to discover the best tiramisu in New York, I immediately 
sent my Mother a text telling her the wonderful news! Immediately she 
responded "You better bring me there when I come!" Well, that I did! 

Our party of seven was seated in the lovely corner table by the bar. Our 
friends were already seated, sipping a delicious bottle of red, and 
waiting our arrival. Immediately they applauded my recommendation with 
comments on how lovely the atmosphere was. 

Spina has a delicious ricotta and tomato spread which is served with their 
warm bread as you are seated. Unfortunately, it is so good, it is gone quickly! 
For starters, my Mom and I both had the Barbabietole salad while My Dad 
had the Rucola. I actually preferred the Rucola over mine own. No 
wonder it went quickly! If you know me, you know I'm not shy in 
asking for bites!

I can't remember what everyone had, for some odd reason, but I 
remember I had the fantastic risotto sans truffles. No matter how deep 
my love for truffles runs, I decided against the $50 topping. As my Mom 
was in the mood for a red sauce, she choose the servers recommended dish, 
Malloreddus, which is saffron infused sardinian gnocchetti finished in a veal, 
beef and pork ragu. It was fantastic. My Dad had the Pesce alla Griglia, 
(which was appetizing to watch him de-bone sarcasm, as I am not a fish 
lover) and noted it was the best whole fish he had ever had. 

It was time for the grand finale. They say you always keep the best for last 
and is that the truth or what! The Tiramisu was better than I remembered. 
Both of my parents said this was the closest Tiramisu they have had since 
their all time favorite in Europe some twenty years ago. I gave myself a 
little pat on the back.   

After dinner, we had big plans to hang out in the Lower East Side and 
catch some live music at Rockwood Music Hall. My Dad had been wanting 
to visit my favorite music hall for years now and it was about time we made 
that happen. Did that happen? Of course not! After the meal we just ate, 
nothing sounded better than bed. I had one more day left with the parents, 
a big day, and I wanted to be hungry and fresh for our early morning breakfast. 
Therefore, I passed out at the embarrassing hour of 10pm. I'm pretty sure I 
wasn't the only one!

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  1. I'm now starving, and want to go shopping...ha ha. Looks like a very yummy dinner. and, well, i know how successful your shopping trip was!