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Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend: Sunday

Sorry for the little interruption, life intervened. 

Back to Thanksgiving weekend...

Sunday was our last day to have fun, and a busy day it was. For months, I've 
heard how amazing the food is at Shopsins. Not only that, but you get the real 
New York experience to go with it. You've heard of the Soup Nazi right? Apparently, 
it's a similar experience. You've been warned!

 The first mention of Shopsins was from my two neighbors, Jim and Amy. 
They were so excited to share, the cookbook even came out mid of 
conversation. The second time was at work. My coworker Randi expressed 
her love for the sliders and also mentioned the macaroni pancakes. Who 
wouldn't want to check this place out? It seemed like the perfect place to 
save for my parents. After all, they do love a real New York experience! 

Hearing there were only five tables, getting there early was a priority. Little 
did we know, finding the place was also going to be a slight challenge. I'll admit, 
I googled "where is Shopsins." Google never let's me down. Located within the 
South side of the Essex Market, we stood outside waiting for it to open.

Realizing I didn't know this market existed, once inside, we walked around 
to see what this place was all about. It was pretty fantastic. Too bad I'm too 
lazy to walk this far for groceries. It's more the carrying heavy grocery bags 
back home than anything. That's understandable, right? But how fun would it
 be to shop here...

After my little excursion through the market, we were seated at a one of 
the five tables. As prepared as I thought I was, my jaw dropped at first 
glance of the menu. Prepared I was not!

A little laugh was all I could get out. Now, on to the next difficult task 
of ordering. After seeing that menu, I was more confused than ever. 
I needed to call in some reinforcements, as one of the warnings I 
heard was "Don't ask Shopsins for recommendations!"  It was well past 
the hour an average 9-5er would sleep in on weekends. I figured I would
 inquire some wisdom. Randi was the right choice. 

The first recommendation via text were the Macaroni Pancakes which 
were served with hot sauce and syrup. This is no joke friends. 
There are seriously macaroni noodles baked within the pancakes which 
are topped with cheese. I'm pretty sure we finished the plate. 

Randi's second recommendation, the sliders. Need I say more? 

For my entree, didn't know you had entrees for breakfast? I mean who 
even eats sliders for breakfast anyway, right? However, this isn't your 
typical breakfast people. This is a celebratory food weekend. Wait, isn't 
every weekend in New York City, the food capitol of the US, a celebratory 
food weekend? The only difference, Mom and Dad were paying (wink)! 

Back on subject... The Mexican, the Mexican take on lasagna, with eggs. 

It came home with me. Needless to say, I had a delicious breakfast the 
next two days. 

My parents split the Huevos Rancheros with chorizo, which also came
 home with me. 

It was a good thing we had a couple of hours to rest up before our afternoon 
outing. Can you say 'food coma?' It was time for a nap.  I was pretty impressed 
with our food intake for the morning. So was the server. 

There was no way I could allow this food coma to continue taking over my 
brain for the most exciting event of the weekend, The Book of Mormon. 


I will admit, I was still pretty tired entering the dark theater. If it wasn't 
for the tiny seats made only for short, skinny people, I would have been 
asleep within minutes of my bottom hitting the cushion. The lights dimmed, 
the show started and the hysterical laughs began. From the opening (which 
is still one of my favorites) to the closing scene, more noises, I didn't 
know were physically possible, came out of my mouth and sadly nose. It is
 true, I snorted, for the first time in my life. I hope I have another excuse 
to see it again, like Andy and Jennie visiting (hint hint)!

We laughed all the way home reminiscing each and every one of our favorite
 quotes and songs. Surprisingly, we were hungry again. We headed down 
to Chinatown for soup dumplings.  My Dad has always wanted to eat in 
Chinatown but I've always been too lazy to do research on the best 
spots. Tess and I agreed on Joe's Shanghai. Once again, we over ate. This 
was becoming a habit. A bad one at that. 

The parents were leaving very early the next morning which made it 
an easy decision to say goodnights, goodbyes, thank yous and part 
ways. After all, it was a fabulous weekend, with the only problem being 
it was now over. Oh, and that fact the next day was Monday, which means 
work and no time to recover from our long weekend! Does anyone else 
sense this reoccurring problem? 

Overall, the weekend couldn't have been better. My parents met my friends, 
got to spend time with their most favorite furchild, and their most favorite
 daughter in their most favorite city! Hopefully next time, Andy can join us. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for an incredibly unforgettable weekend. I love you. 


  1. I want that food-like now! ha ha. you must take me there next time i visit!!! Sounds like a perfect weekend with the parents!

  2. Holy huge menu, batman! I hope they gave you a magnifying glass to help you read it.

    Glad you and your parents had a great weekend. :)