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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Black Rabbit: Greenpoint

On Saturday night, all of our friends gathered at Black Rabbit in Greenpoint to celebrate Emma's birthday. There was a good crowd and great mix of people. This December, for the first time in my six years in this wonderful city, I set foot in Greenpoint, thanks to Emily and her fantastic Christmas party. 

To quote New York Magazine, because it is just that funny, "If the Coen Brothers were scouting for a Prohibition-era bar in Greenpoint, they’d stop looking once they chanced upon Black Rabbit with its prewar light fixtures, nineteenth-century floorboards, and flower boxes in the windows. Booths outfitted with saloon-style swinging doors are so private that you’ll need to button-activate a lightbulb to get your waiter’s attention. But that’s just the sort of detail that Ethan and Joel get off on."

Perfect for a cold night like Saturday night, the fireplace, located in the rear, was perfect to keep us toasty and warm. Our large party extended all the way back past the fireplace and even overflowed so much they occupied the booth in the back corner. 

Obviously, it was too cold to spend anytime in the back garden but, isn't it adorable?

I was still somewhat getting over the sniffles, actually by this time, it had pretty much lead to a full fledged cold. After only eating some matzo ball soup, I figured some good Jewish penicillin might help, I was pretty hungry and decided on an order of sliders were a good idea. Of course, I was right. You can never go wrong with sliders.


The birthday girl with the girls! 

The birthday girl being serenaded by Emily and her ukulele. 

Birthday girl with her boy.

Do you know where Greenpoint is? If not, now you do....