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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Second Story: A Brush of Color

Welcome to my new bedroom! Or is it too soon to be introducing some of you to my bedroom? He he.

My new room is a large rectangular room that has three windows that let in a lot of natural sunlight. It is very cheerful, bright and happy. I also have two closets! A big improvement from having none. I even have a ceiling fan! Isn't it always the little things that get you the most excited?

The only issue I have with my fantastic new room is the wall and trim color. Because we can, my roommates and I are painting our rooms. I have hired one of our sub contractors, who has given us a great deal. Yesterday while at work, even though it wasn't the most ideal situation for selecting paint colors, as Emma works in the Fashion District and Tess was home, we finalized the colors via iPhone. 

Thankfully, they trust me, and my coworkers to review the chosen colors and approve of the final selection, as they never actually laid eyes on the Benjamin Moore fan deck. Hopefully everything turns out just fine. 

For my room, as I have somewhat of a white and grey theme started, I wanted to do something to add contrast to the walls. Because I have so much natural sunlight in my room, selecting a darker color, like a grey, would not make the room seem smaller, sadder or darker.

Choosing paint colors isn't as easy as it looks! Did I mention how many tones of grey there are? I was choosing a different color every five minutes. 

I brought in a pillow from my bed as the curtains, which will go against these freshly painted walls, are the exact color. We tested the paint colors throughout the day as the light changed. With the light change throughout the day, the color we selected first, next to the curtains looked too blue. We finally decided on a grey that had a slight hit of brown. I believe we have a winner! Plus, If I'm going to pay to have my room painted, why not add some color? Even if that color is grey!

Emma, our Calvin girl in all white, went with Decorator's White walls and trim. Totally Emma. Tess and I, for cost effective reasons, chose Pewter walls and Decorator's White trim. I can't wait to see the final product!

The good news is we don't have to wait too long. They start painting Friday! Hopefully, by Sunday, we can start hanging our decorative window treatments! I guess this means I get to go shopping on Saturday! I need another curtain and rod because I now have three windows! Stay tuned! 


  1. Your room is huge!! And I can't believe you have 2 closets!!! I can't wait to see the finished rooms!! And apt!! YAY for the move!

  2. Sounds like the paint selection process was quite tedious. Glad you finally settled on a good color! And Mary's right -- that's a big room! Lucky you. :)