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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flasking it Up

I really wanted to get my best girlfriends a little something for the holidays. I am really bad at gift giving because I always forget awesome ideas when they pop into my head. Thus, as previously noted, I've started writing said awesome ideas down. 

A couple months ago, Sara bought a flask. Sadly, that flask lived a short life. When trying to think of something awesome to get her, a flask never even crossed my mind. Then, one day, out of the blue, I remembered and voila, Christmas present! 

I didn't know where to start searching for the perfect flask until a I checked out couple of random sites Google suggested, I realized I wasn't on the right track. As I was looking for something a little more custom, homemade and personalized, I figured Etsy would have something. I was right and Etsy came out on top again. 

I found Michelle Verbeeck's page, Custom Leather Jewelry, and realized she also makes custom leather wrapped flasks. Even though you could customize them as much as you want, the one on the website was so perfect for Sara, I had to get it exactly as the photo. 

I figured, why not get all the girls flasks. They're fun, customized and very useful! I got the same design and distressed turquoise color for my new roommates, Tess and Emma. They're fun and colorful! I even customized them with their nicknames. 

Now, I have to get one for myself! Maybe for my birthday? I think so... 
Thanks to Michelle for getting the flasks to me quickly! The girls loved them and can't wait to start using them! 

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