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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lovely Day: NoLita

On Friday, after fighting off a cold all day, my sniffles didn't scare my evening plans away. Although, they might have changed said plans, but at least I still had a lovely evening. I'm not sure if it was all the medicine in my system, or the cold weather keeping me from wanting to leave the warmth of my cozy apartment, but deciding on a dinner location was quite the challenging task that evening. 

After a failed attempt at Balaboosta, the decision was made for me. After six years of living in Little Italy, I've had the pleasure of dining at almost every restaurant in NoLita except for a handful of places. As my time in this neighborhood is coming to an end, it was decided I need to finish this task I started six years ago. My first stop on this list, the funky Thai cafe, Lovely Day.

Lovely Day fit in well with the theme of my eating habits last week as Pad Thai was on the menu for lunch at least twice. 

I've walked by Lovely Day more times than I can count. I have no good excuse or reason for never setting foot inside the door before except, no one has ever mentioned we eat there. As an avid Thai lover, I am a little appalled at myself for never taking advantage of this adorable, quirky little joint. 

The interior decor is where most of the quirkiness gets this "quirky little joint" title. With the typical NYC restaurant mosaic patterned tile floor, to the patchwork siding on the bathroom, the diner bar stools at the bar, and the ditsy floral wallpaper, Lovely Day doesn't really seem to have a concept thus leading the only word to describe it as quirky little joint. 

When we arrived, it was windy and cold outside and we were in need of some warmth. Unfortunately, there wasn't a table available at the moment. I mean, it was a Friday night after all. 

The hostess asked if we would like to wait downstairs until a warmer table was available. I was excited to find out there was another secret little basement spot in NoLita! I didn't know about the Downstairs of Lovely Day! However, I did know about it's neighbor, Pheasants, downstairs! 

Lovely Day Opens a Lovely Downstairs Dining Room

Shortly after we made ourselves comfortable downstairs at the end of the bar, the hostess said our table was ready. Of course, our table was directly in front of the door. We both agreed this wasn't going to do with the current weather situation. We danced around, letting servers, the hostess and other guests pass by, for the next ten minutes, while we waited for a warmer table. 

Luckily, the wait wasn't too long, and with one exception of a minor coughing attack, we were seated at a cozy little red leather side booth. 

The menu was short, simple and all over the place. For a starter we went with a classic Japanese soup, Miso Soup, and mixed it up with some Sweet Potato Fries. I'm not asking questions, both were delicious. I am pleased to say, the Miso Soup wasn't fishy at all, as everyone knows my affiliation with seafood.  

With my recent Thai trend, you would think Pad Thai would have been my first choice of entree. However, Lovely Day's take on Pad See Ew, my all time favorite Thai dish, was my selection for the evening. It was fantastic. I love the wide flat noodles, not to mention the chicken was some of the tastiest chicken I have had in a long time. It was so tender and juicy. You could tell it was perfectly cooked. 

As for my Pad Thai kick, I didn't have to worry too much about neglecting it. Cory chose the Pad Thai. Apparently, he wasn't too worried about getting my sniffles as he was a great sharer. Looks like I won on both ends, I got Pad See Ew but got to eat Pad Thai too! 

The Pad Thai was one of my favorites I've had in NYC so far. It wasn't too peanut-y like your typical Pad Thai. It had a sweet and spicy chili sauce which gave it some great flavor. 

After a lovely meal at Lovely Day, we picked up some Oreo Cheesecake to go from my neighborhood bakery, Little Cupcake Bakeshop, and headed home to listen to some tunes,  relax and warm ourselves up. After all, having the sniffles and being out in the cold isn't a good combination! 

In the end, I had a Lovely Day....

It is now lunch time and guess what I want... Pad Thai...


  1. Sounds like a great evening! Now I want Thai food!!! I wish those pictures were edible! haha

  2. I've only had Thai food once, and I was so worried I wouldn't like it (I'm a picky eater) that all I would order was chicken satay. That Pad See Ew looks pretty good, though. If I ever find myself at a Thai place again, I know what to order!