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Monday, January 23, 2012

Media Mania

Right this moment, I wish I was star-fished out on a plethora of fluffy pillows, covered in wool blankets, watching rainy day movies with my roommates, in my new apartment!

This morning, I had to sit through a three hour meeting discussing how many types of seating and lounging options there are for media rooms. Not only was I yawning, but the thought of being curled up watching a movie in the Hamptons on this rainy day, was making me incredibly jealous of this client.  Oh wait, I'm pretty much jealous of all our clients! 

Post meeting, I get to research Media Room concepts for this project thus leading me to be even more tired as this rainy day passes by, slowly. Here are some I have found so far!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Who's bringing the popcorn and candy?


  1. Aw man, these are the times I wish I were rich! I'd love one of those rooms. My favs are the first one (because of the pillows!) and the fifth one (because it looks like a movie theatre).

    I'll bring the popcorn *and* popcorn sprinkle! Might take me awhile to get there, though. LOL

    1. I love the 1st and the 8th photos. They look so cozy. I want an entertainment room in my house someday. :)