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Friday, January 13, 2012

My "Second Story"

Since it is Friday, and I'm in a good mood since it is Friday, plus it is getting closer to our move in date, it is time to share my "Second Story."

This move marks the beginning of my "Second Story" in New York City. The first, Fifth Floor Up on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, has happily come to an end, and I am more than excited to start the "Second Story" of my New York City experience. With that said, the Second Story will take place in my Brooklyn Townhouse, on the second story. But of course!

Welcome to our new home....

We have a stoop. I've never had a stoop before. Not only do we have a stoop, we have a front porch. Can you guess where everyone is going to be hanging out this summer? I can!

Oliver even has a little mulch bed to er... mulch in.

Up one flight of stairs is our Second Story. On the second story we have the Dining Room, Kitchen, Full Bathroom and Living Room. 

Emma's dining table and chairs will fill this space along with a large dark wood cubby bookcase from IKEA. The more storage the better, especially since there are three of us. Eventually window treatments will need to be purchased. 

For the moment, it has become a great home for our bikes. All seven. We might have a little problem. 

Next to our spacious Dining Room is our fabulous Kitchen! Between the three of us, we will have more than enough cookware to store in these cabinets! We do need to purchase some stools for that cool,literally (he he Toons and Tess) island. I do have my eyes on some new ones from West Elm! 

In between the Kitchen and the Living Room is one of our two full Bathrooms. 

Finally, I have a renovated bathroom.

In the front of the townhouse is the large Living Room equipment with an exposed brick wall for a TV, which none of us have! At least a working one. Long story. Once again, window treatments will be one of our first purchases. 

Emma and I both have sofas which will be used here. I have a side chair and ottoman, some side tables and Emma also has a coffee table. Once everything is in, we will discuss what other furnishings we would like. 

On the West wall below the stairs is where our awesome bike rack, designed by Chris and Dave, will hang. As you can see below, they have already been working on the design. 

Upstairs we go... and Dave hangs, or does pull ups. A good spot for a hang bar to practice for climbing as he informed us.

Just off of the third floor landing, is our second full bathroom equipped with a huge shower with glass doors! Sadly, whoever designed this bathroom only put in one sink. There is more than enough room for two. Why they did this, I will always wonder. 

Of course you have already seen my bedroom which look a lot like Tess' and Emma's. As there is nothing in them right now, there isn't much to look at. So, instead how about a cute photo of our first dinner party at the Second Story.

I can't wait to host more! And, many more there will be as my roommates and friends love to cook and eat! Welcome friends, to my "Second Story!"


  1. I'm so excited to hear about the second story adventures!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the new place & can't wait to visit :)

  2. Nice! I particularly like the porch. Enjoy your new home! :)