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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second Story: Accidental Accessories

In preparation for my big move to Brooklyn, I accidentally purchased some new accessories for my bedroom and bathroom. You know when you walk into a store, and you just see some things that you absolutely have to have need? Well, that is pretty much what happened, twice. Oops.

We all know I have a problem when it comes to accessories. The more, the more fun right? There have been a couple of accessories I've had my eye on for awhile now and I figure, what better time to add them to my growing collection than now?

So, I did it. I went to West Elm and purchased the pieces I've been wanting. Last night, during my second time to commute home from work, I was the resident bag lady on the express train. Three large shopping bags, many more minutes than it normally takes me to get home, yet only one flight of stairs later, and the Second Story had some fun new accessories! It was a total pain in my neck, but worth it in the end! 

Here is a little sneak peek of my accidental accessories!

For my dresser, the metal easel floating adjustable frame I've been wanting since I first laid eyes on this sexy piece of metal and glass.

Also for my dresser, a double decker, metal and glass, with canvas lining, jewelry box for my watches and falling whistles. 

The bronze vanity jewelry tree for my desk. I had recently purchased a temporary one until I found something I liked. I wasn't sure of this one at first, but it looks great in my room.

Now, moving to my bathroom, if you didn't know, I do get my own Bathroom! Emma and Tess share one bathroom, and I will be sharing with guests. Fine by me! 

I was excited to buy the grey and white horizontally stripped tumbler for my toothbrush. 

I got three of these colored glass tea light holders in the aqua, except instead of tea lights, one will be holding q-tips, one cotton balls and the third round facial pads. 

On Sunday, Emma and I made a last minute trip to The Container Store to purchase a smaller metal track for the drawer portion of my old shelving unit. She has now taken over the Elfa system as she doesn't have a closet. Might I add, it looks fantastic! 

While on this little shopping trip, I saw some nice white lacquered accessories for my bathroom. West Elm had some as well, however, the only pieces they had left were already out on the floor. They had been picked over and you could tell from all the scratches. I decided to wait. I'm glad I did because the set I found at The Container Store were much nicer quality. 

My three aqua tumblers now sit inside this clean crisp tray on the counter in my bathroom.

To complete the set, I also decided I'd get the tissue holder and trash can. My bathroom now looks very fresh and clean. 

I also picked up two new grey towels. The accent color in my Bathroom at Fifth Floor Up was purple. However, as I purchased a new white trash can and the grey and white toothbrush holder, the accent colors is now grey. I decided to get some new grey towels for when we have guests. My current towels are white, which look great, but don't always stay looking as clean. It will be nice for guests to have some clean new towels. 

There is only one more item from West Elm that I currently want. This is a lie. I would also like a new grey blanket for the end of my bed, but that can wait. However, for my birthday (I thought since it worked last year with the Falling Whistle post, I would try again this year... hint hint....) 

I would love one of these beautiful air plants. The plant itself costs roughly $24. I can't find an image on their website of the actual plant I want but, it looks like this...

West Elm does sell a wide variety of plants in their stores. I also need the glass bowl for the air plant, and I am totally copying Sara, but hers just looks that fabulous!

It looks like my accidental accessory purchases were not that big of accidents after all. Everything is coming together and looking wonderful. I can't wait to share my Second Story with everyone. Soon, very soon!


  1. Love the accessories!! Your room looks great!! now share it with the world. Ha ha.

  2. Love the metal easel, and the gray and white in your bathroom will look great. I recently bought a jewelry tree (TJ Maxx) and it adds so much to a room. Can't wait for more pics!