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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Woods: Williamsburg

On Monday, my friends and I celebrated MLK Jr. Day in Williamsburg. Kristen's friend was tending the bar at The Woods and dropped a hint to come by. After a delicious lunch at Grey Dog, my neighbor from the fifth floor up, and I hopped on the train to Williamsburg. 

It was a cold windy day, and being as close to the water as we were, made it that much colder. The second I spotted The Woods, I made a beeline for the front door and was immediately welcomed with a blast of heat in the face. 

We spent the next couple of hours sitting at the bar, playing with the bar dog, and enjoying their fantastic happy hour specials, $1 can beer, $3 well drinks and $5 glass of wine. We had a couple of happy hours at The Woods.

Throughout the evening, more friends joined and the party grew. It was great catching up with friends on their new year. Everything has been so crazy between work and moving, I feel like I haven't had the chance to sit down and talk to friends about their lives lately.

Since it was a Monday night, the bar never got too packed. It stayed pretty empty, which is how I prefer to spend my evenings these days. The music, from EJ's iPod, set the perfect mood for the atmosphere. Everyone was very chill and happy. 

I was told, this place isn't always calm and quiet though. As a matter of fact, on Tuesday nights, this place gets pretty hopping, as it is Karaoke night and all the closet karaoke fans come to sing their hearts out. 

As dinner time passed by, we were informed that the taco truck out back was now open. We all jumped on the chance to get some tacos in our tummy's. Since it is winter, the outdoor space is partially enclosed, however, behind the winter enclosure, the little taco truck lay, tucked away from the wind. 

There was already a little line outside but the taco man was nice enough to take our orders and also deliver our food to us inside! 

The Woods Bar and Taco Truck Williamsburg Brooklyn

Amy had the spicy chicken tacos, which she said were some of the best she's ever had!

Rion and I saw someone eating a burrito and from that moment, we couldn't even think of ordering anything else. I'm glad we did, because this chicken burrito was so amazing, I had to share with everyone. Yes, I was showing off my awesome burrito. Hey, it was a plus for them too, they got a bite! After it made the rounds, it was confirmed, that this burrito was one of the best burritos everyone had ever had. Not to mention how huge this fella was! 

Next time I visit The Woods, you bet it will be a Tuesday night and I'll be flanked by Tess and Dave. I highly recommend you be there! 

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