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Monday, February 6, 2012

Birthday Wish List

I've been so wrapped up in decorating our new apartment, I totally forgot about my birthday wish list! Actually, to be totally honest, I totally forgot my birthday was next week. I can't believe it is already February. 

This weekend is our housewarming party slash my birthday party. All I can think about is window treatments, seating, rugs and food. Can we get it all done before Saturday? Everyone, please cross your fingers and toes!

Next week, is a big exciting week for me. For my birthday dinner, I have a large group of friends joining me in celebrating the big 2-8 at Buddakan.  Then, on Thursday, I head out to sunny LA to spend the long holiday weekend with my whole family. I can't wait to be reunited with my little love bug, Oliver. 

I have too many exciting things coming up in the next couple of weeks. Hence, the forgetting my birthday. Until then, for those of you who have asked, I put together a little list. 

Ever since I stole my Mom's Austrian slippers years ago, and eventually wore them out, I've been dying to get my feet in another pair. It is now time, with all the hardwood floors and stairs in the Second Story, to add some slippers back into my shoe collection.

I have been wanting to change the handle bars on my Raleigh, to make it easier for me to reach my breaks, for months now. However, if I decide to keep the existing handle bars, I would like the Brooks leather handle bar tape. This way, my saddle and handle bars will match! Speak with me first if you would like to travel down this route. I might end up replacing the handle bars completely. 

I've loved this book for years now. I think it's time I own it. 

I need new makeup! I love Nars for many reasons with the main reason being, their products last forever. My current blush has lasted almost a year now. 

I can't seem to find this Blush Duo at Sephora anymore. Maybe it's because I was checking during winter, when they have the Duo Bronzer Blush combo. It is good to know they still have it on their website. 

It is also about time for me to replace my extremely loved makeup brushes. Of course I would like to keep them in the family. Luckily, Nars has great brushes. 

An odd request for my birthday but I need socks. Not just any socks though. Sara Weber's J. Crew mens socks to be exact. Therefore, I told her to get me her socks for my birthday. She loved it!

I also need a stool for my bedroom. I find myself sitting on the floor in front of my floor mirror to do my makeup. It would be nice to sit on a stool instead of the floor. How about this one?



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  1. i am so glad you didn't blog about food b/c i am starving! ha! that looks like a great birthday list!! glad you finally get oliver back! he will love the new place!