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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Second Story: Accidental Accessories II

I had so much fun placing my new accessories throughout my new room, I felt the need to show you how they look! That is, without giving away too much of my new room! As much as I would love to show everyone the finished product, I would like to wait until my rug and bench arrive. Can I can hold out that long? Probably not. But, I'm going to try!

Until then, a few more photos of my new Bronze Vanity Jewelry Tree, Jewelry Box and Floating Adjustable Picture Frame to hold you over! 

My roommate, Tess, is going to make a new piece of art for my frame. Until then, I added a geometric pencil drawing I did in December. Apparently I had a couple of slow days at the office..

I love my room. 
I also love this photo. 
And thought it was fitting.

Today, I feel like this...

The weather is amazing for the 1st of February. I just wish it would be this amazing everyday.

Happy Hump Day! 

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  1. Hi, Lexi! I'm currently refurnishing my new room and your blog is helping me a lot. :) I'm sooo glad Urban Outfitters ship items to the Philippines!