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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Second Story: Accidental Accidents III

 I have a feeling, my Bathroom, no matter what I do to it, is never going to be just right. I am not sure if it is the multi-toned brown glass tiles, or the grey accessories, but for some reason, I can not, for the life of me, get it looking perfect.

I love the little punch of color the aqua tumblers, which sit inside the white lacquered tray from The Container Store, bring to the room. 

The back of the toilet is smaller than my old toilet, I guess the newer they are, the sleeker they also are. Eventually, once our Living Room is finished, I'm sure some of the little accessories will be moved to table top decorations. 

Besides from the aqua glass tumblers, I have a feeling, over time, everything is going to slowly change back to white. Which means, I need a new toothbrush holder. Maybe Emma and Tess would like my new West Elm grey and white horizontally stripped tumbler. Unfortunately, as much as I loved it at the store, I completely forgot about the brown glass tiles. Like I said, I get a little carried away. 

When does a white lacquered trash can not look good in a Bathroom?

 Along with the grey and white toothbrush holder, this also means goodbye to the new Grey West Elm towels. However, you can never have too many towels in a house full of girls who have lots of friends and guests. Tomorrow, I might think differently. It has been changing on a daily basis. Like I said, I just can't get a feeling for this little room.

The good news, tomorrow is Friday, which means I have all weekend to work on it and hopefully, by Monday, it will be perfect. I guess I'll admit it... maybe some of these new Bathroom accessories were accidents! This doesn't mean they can't be used elsewhere! You bet, I will find them the perfect spots!