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Monday, February 6, 2012

Second Story: Bike Shui

I believe it is now a known fact that I like bikes. Not only do I like bikes, but my two roommates like bikes too. A lot. Between the three of us, the Second Story now houses a total of seven bikes. Our poor walls.

Before we moved in, during our periodic visits, the second story looked a little like this...

and like this...

Because of this love for bikes, we  were so excited we immediately started discussing how to "Bike Shui" our new apartment. The guys were a big help, as you can see below, in helping us figure out the best way to do so. 

The three of us, picture little kids in a toy store, were so excited, once we realized the studs in our Living Room wall, were so perfectly placed, that we didn't need the guys help. We didn't need those lazy boys help anyway! While they were on their 125 mile bike ride (so lazy right?) we jumped on the chance, our last day off, to hang our bikes ourselves. 

After a 70 mile ride to Nyack and back the day before, working up the energy to hang this bike rack wasn't even a concern. We were so stoked to get those bikes off the floor and on the wall. 

We divided and conquered. Emma ran to the Container Store for the bike hooks while Tess and I braved Ikea for some finishing touches including, two extra dining chairs, as we have guests daily, a bench for even more seating, along with some decorative objects. You bet this apartment will be ready to host one hell of a housewarming party this weekend!

After four hours of blood sweat and tears, actually no tears were shed, we were more than successful with our handiwork. What do you think of our awesome bike wall?

I think it looks pretty fantastic. Now, the only thing we have to do is perfecting the technique of hanging the bikes up and taking them down. Even with a light bike, It has been a little challenging for this 5'2" girl. At least I workout!

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