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Friday, February 10, 2012

Second Story: Closet Consolidation

It's a well known fact, that I've been pretty spoiled in the closet department the past six years. The Fifth Floor Up lacked closet space. In fact, it completely lacked a closet. With the help of my neighbor Jen, within one evening, I installed one of the most innovative birthday presents my parents have ever invested, my Elfa shelving system. 

From that day forward, I didn't have to deal with the burden of my hanging racks falling over, and no upper storage for shoes, blankets and well, everything you see in the photo below. 

Then, I moved to Brooklyn. My new bedroom had not only one but two closets! I jumped for joy. That was, until I opened them up. Talk about narrow! I was afraid a hanger wouldn't even fit. I went home, grabbed my tape measure and measured the width which was exactly 16". During my next visit to the Second Story, I measured the depth of my closet. Finally, 17" later, I could breath a sigh of relief. 

Now, the only question was, how am I going to make everything I own, fit into these two narrow closets? I couldn't wait to try. I love a good challenge. But, most of all, I love throwing things away. I consolidated my wardrobe down to the bare essentials. Okay, maybe not the bare essentials. I still have a pretty cushy selection. But, I was throwing things away left and right. I, not only donated six bags of clothes, coats, and shoes to Housing Works, I donated another two to our curb, while organizing my room.  

In the end, I think I did a pretty good job. The results are definitely organized and  livable. Plus, all my hangers match, which was a big concern of mine (wink). Don't worry, even though this closet is behind closed doors most of the time, I still organized by style and color coded (double wink).  

I am still getting used to the fact that the hanging rod is wood which doesn't allow the hangers to slid easily. It is more difficult and annoying to look through my closet. Plus, the closet width surpassed the doors but, the depth is so shallow, it only allows a couple of inches for me to reach my hands back and dig through my wardrobe. 

 In the near future, another closet consolidation will be necessary. This will truly leave me to the bare essentials. I might have fibbed a little before. There are still plenty of items I never wear. Pretty much everything that is not black, grey, navy or white. Hey, I'm a New Yorker! Isn't that a good enough excuse? 


  1. Hello, my name is Lexi and I have a boot problem! :)

  2. I'm impressed by your organizational skills. Love how you have all your shoes in plastic shoe boxes. My shoes are tossed about on the floor or in the closet.