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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Second Story: Culinary Creations I

As a new story of my life unfolds on this new chapter on Fifth Floor Up, I've decided, along with Desserted Island, to share our favorite Culinary Creations from the Second Story. 

My roommates and I live a very active lifestyle. We typically partake in at least two different forms of exercise a day. If we aren't going for a run or long ride after work, we are cycling to the climbing gym, climbing for two hours, and cycling home. Because of our active lifestyles, we love recipes that are hearty and filling as well as healthy and of course, delicious. 

Emma doesn't eat a lot of meat. She mostly survives on vegetables. Where, I'm the exact opposite. I eat mostly protein and not enough vegetables. Tess eats a relatively well balanced portion of all the food groups. Shouldn't we all be like her. Now that we all live together, we have started to balance out our daily meals. I feel I'm eating more vegetables than normal and have actually grown to love them. In only two weeks! Can you believe it? I still have the one little issue with seafood however, Tess is determined to break that one, and soon. 

Two week ago, you wouldn't find me drooling over a photo of a kale dish I just found on one of my favorite foodie blogs. It would most likely be some sort of fancy carb creation. Boy, have times changed. I was salivating to the point where I made sure, in between our run and climbing, we saved time to make a pit stop at the grocery store to cook this spectacular meal. The best part, besides from the actual eating, is the prep and cook time. You bet, with two cooks in the kitchen double teaming, we had this baby cooked and ready to eat in plenty of time to work it right back off. 

Emma and I divided and conquered at the store as we had a time constraint. On her list was the sausage. She chose a sweet sage sausage which was the perfect choice. The flavors were wonderful together. We only used half of the sausage, which we realized was a bad choice after everyone loved it so much. Next time, you bet the whole thing will be used. Other than that, we followed the recipe completely. 

So thank Simply Recipes, for this amazingly delicious dish that will be created in our Kitchen often. It was so good, we are already planning on making it again. Have fun and let me know how it turns out for you!

Kale with Sausage and White Beans


  1. Dammit Lexi-I'm starving!!! ha ha-looks great, well minus the sausage for me!

  2. I wish Tess the best of luck in getting you to like seafood. You've really been missing out all these years. :)