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Monday, February 13, 2012

Second Story: Housewarming

Wow, what a weekend! I am in serious need of a nap on this cold and grey Monday morning. Instead, I'm acting as a mature adult, sitting staring at my computer screen, trying not pass out with my head on my keyboard. The last thing I need right now are keyboard impressions on my forehead. This past weekend we had our housewarming party. In preparation for this party, we were little energizer bunnies running all over Brooklyn, literally. 

On Friday after work, Tess and I hit the train and shuttle to our new favorite place, Ikea. That was a joke. I can officially say, I will not be returning to Ikea, hopefully ever. That place does a number on you. Now I know why the people who work there are the way they are. 

I am not exactly sure how our housewarming party turned Ikea theme, but it just made sense. Whenever anyone in NYC moves into a new apartment, without spend their monthly salary, where do they turn? Ikea! So, why not buy $100 worth of Swedish Meatballs, slap some sides on the island and call your housewarming party Ikea themed? It sounded like a great idea to us! 

On Saturday, Tess had to work, which left Emma and me to organize the place. Around 10:30am, while Emma was in the middle of making buttermilk pancakes, my carpet God delivered our Living Room carpet. Literally, life saver. Thank you Rich!

After fueling our bodies, we started placing the furniture, and hanging the shades and art throughout the Living Room and Kitchen. Finally, after three weeks, the apartment was together. While I was all sweaty, I decided a three and a half mile run was a good idea. Besides from the wind, it cleared my mind of the whirlwind yet to come. We cleaned for the next hour and then parted ways to finalize our to do lists.

Finally, not only was the apartment clean and sparkling, we were too, with shiny nails and toes to match. We set out the food and started heating up two of the four bags of Swedish Meatballs at the same time our first two guests arrived, presents in hand! 

The Ikea theme was a success, and so were the meatballs! All four bags, gone! The evening was a blast. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you who came to warm our home. From what I can remember, everyone seemed to have as much fun as I did. I just hope they did not feel the way I felt the next morning afternoon. We really are blessed with amazing friends. 


  1. The apartment looks amazing! Glad the party was a success!!

  2. Awesome! Looks so good! Where is the cart in the kitchen from?

  3. I am almost literally salivating over your kitchen. It's so cute!!!

  4. LOOOOVE THAT KITCHEN!! Can't believe you guys are all moved in and can't WAIT to come sleep for days on that comfy looking couch of yours! Miss you all so much. Typing on my laptop on my ikea coffee table and thinking of you from way the eff over here in no mans land.