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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vinegar Hill House

On Sunday, I finally had brunch at the one and only Vinegar Hill House. For years, after hearing all the raving reviews, I have been wanting to dine at this ever so popular Vinegar Hill hot spot. Somehow in my crazy life, I just haven't found the time. 

When my parents were visiting over Thanksgiving, we tried, however, with the long holiday weekend, Friday felt like a Saturday and they sadly don't serve brunch on Fridays. We ended up having an amazing brunch at Char No. 4 on Smith Street instead. 

Now that I am a Brooklyn resident, there is absolutely no excuse for me to miss out on this adorable little spot. Since it is conveniently located and quick bike ride between my neighborhood and Sara's, it was the perfect spot for our post birthday present exchange brunch. 

I arrived five minutes before the doors opened and a line was already forming out front. I guess everyone had the same idea as the ever trendy 'No Reservation' policy applied. By the time Sara arrived, our table was ready. 

We were seated at this adorable little two top in the center of the room. I had a great view out the large front windows which let in a wonderful amount of light on that sunny day. 

The place was very busy for just being open, but surprisingly it wasn't too crowded or too loud. It was a calm and comfortable atmosphere. I felt right at home. 

Our adorable little two top. 

I love the rustic architectural features throughout the restaurant including the wood top tables, the old gas sconces and screened front door. 

The brunch menu was very simple. Of course everything sounded wonderful however, they had specials and those specials sounded fantastic. Sara and I gave each other "the look" once the server was finished with his spiel, and Sara was quick to respond "I believe we will have one of each of those." 

For our first course, little did we know that the portion sizes of the dishes would allow us to eat in courses, I chose the second special, which was the corn tortilla chips on a bed of salsa verde topped with beans, cheese and a friend egg. 

Sara had the first special which was a broccoli and cheese quiche. As delicious as everything was, this was when we realized we were going to need more food. 

For our second course, I was craving a little something sweet and decided on the Sourdough Pancake with pears and maple syrup. I would like to preface this statement with, I'm a maple syrup snob (it's in my genes), and on that pancake was 100% true maple syrup. 

Not only was the maple syrup surprising, this pancake rocked my world. It had the perfect combination of squishiness, fluffiness, crispiness, sweetness, peariness and butteriness to make ones taste buds explode. It was so fantastic, it just made me make up words to describe it. Since this was my second course, I couldn't finish this sweet masterpiece. I boxed it up and carried it around with me for the rest of the morning. 

After dinner, it made for the perfect dessert. Now that I know this pancake exists, this could be dangerous. 

Sara's second course was my first course. She enjoyed this dish just as much as myself. 

Brunch was just as good as I could have hoped for. Actually, it was even better. I was such a happy camper the rest of the day knowing I had half a pancake in my fridge, that my six mile run didn't even phase me.  

It's a great feeling to cross another restaurant off of my ever growing restaurant list. Vinegar Hill House has now moved into my top four favorite brunch spots in NYC along with Balaboosta, Char No. 4. and Blue Ribbon Bakery.  

This weekend, I am hoping to take two of my best friends, Mary and Bryan, who will be in town visiting from Tulsa. Watch out pancake, here I come!