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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kutsher's Tribeca

A couple of weeks ago, my Dad emailed me a New York Times article about a restaurant he thought needed to be added to the top of my restaurant list. When you think in terms of Jewish food, your first instinct would be a loud, busy and old fashioned delicatessen. In New York, you instantly think Katz or Carnegie Deli. Never in your mind would you imagine a contemporary high end restaurant in one of New York City's trendy neighborhoods, Tribeca. 

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I read about this modern Jewish American bistro, Kutsher's Tribeca. Everything about Kutshers says twenty-first century, from the contemporary thick copper bar top the natural wood vertical slat work, which gives the walls an artistic and three dimensional effect that is amusing to the eye.

The day after I read the article, I couldn't help but notice when a friend of mine checked in on "FourSquare." Mike, who just so happens to be Jewish, brought his parents who were in town visiting. That is when I knew this place must be legit. 

I immediately emailed Kristen, Mike's girlfriend, and set up a date for us to visit Kutsher's. On Monday night, we found ourselves laughing and enjoying delicious cocktails around this beautifully constructed bar while we waited for our last party to arrive. I could already feel my inner Jew coming out. 

Since Mike had already had the pleasure of dining here, we looked to him for recommendations. I am pretty sure he did a fantastic job as we somehow managed to order exactly everything on the New York Times photo slideshow, showing images of the restaurant and favorite dishes. We did have one exception with an additional item being the Quinoa salad. 

It was agreed, we were going to go all out and not only try "The Delicatessen" but, get "the works too!" The works is a combination of 
Kutsher’s pastrami, Smoked Veal Tongue, Spicy Salami, Duck Pastrami, and Chopped Liver withith rye bread, mustard, pickles and horseradish aioli.

I'm pretty positive when I say, that the Duck Pastrami was possibly the best piece of meat I have ever tasted... In. My. Life.  

The Delicatessen was fabulous and a perfect size starter for the four of us. 

Four our second course, who goes to a Jewish bistro and doesn't order the most popular Jewish dish? All four of us had Mrs. K's Matzo Ball Soup. 

Now, most traditional Matzo Ball Soups do not have noodles. With that said, I love my Matzo Ball Soup with noodles and I loved Mrs. K's Matzo Balls! 

There are three kinds of Matzo Balls: The Floaters, The Sinkers and the Ones in Between. Mrs. K's Matzo Balls were in betweeners, which in sense makes everyone happy. It was wonderful. I ate it all. 


For Sara's main course, she had the Quinoa Salad with wild baby arugula, pear carpaccio and pomegranate vinaigrette. I actually got to have a little taste and it was very fresh, light and full of flavor. 

Mike was dying to try the Friday Night Roast Chicken for two, which Kristen agreed to. They were not lying. It was in fact, a whole chicken and it was one of the juiciest, most flavorful, without being overly powerful, chicken. My Dad would be in heaven. Not only was the chicken perfect, it was on a bed of pletzel and maitake and black trumpet mushroom stuffing. Wow, was this dish fantastic.  


Since Mike went for one of the more American options on the menu, I decided to stick with one of the more Jewish dishes, the Wild Mushroom and Fresh Ricotta Kreplach with walnut pesto, olive oil schmaltz and fresh black pepper sheep’s milk cheese. 

A Krephach, as Mike explained to me, is the Jewish version of an American ravioli. You know me and pasta. I had to get it. 

Unfortunately, or maybe it was more fortunately, since everything was so wonderful, my tummy was about to explode, and after a couple of bites of the kreplach, it went straight into a to go box. You bet I was excited for dinner the next night. 

And then, there was dessert. Mike had been talking about this Black & White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwhich from the moment we sat down at the bar, until the moment we started thinking we might have to unbutton our pants. 

How could I not try this ever so popular New York City cookie stuffed with pure vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate drip? It wasn't even a question, it was something I had to do. So I did it with no regrets. There are no words to express how much in love I am with this little sweet treat. All I can say is go try it for yourself. 


Dad, you've done me well. I can't wait for you to come back and visit so I can take you to Kutsher's Tribeca. There are so many more dishes on the menu I can't wait to try. I hear the Potato Latkes are to die for! 

I might be a Cashew (half Catholic / half Jewish) but that night, I can pretty much say I was one happy Jew. 

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