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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Second Story: Culinary Creations V

Two Saturdays ago, while sitting at the bar at the Growler while Tess worked, an amazing idea was hatched. It involved our Kitchen and Cory, the resident chef. Cory had been wanting to cook in our kitchen now for sometime. That night seems like the perfect night. He agreed and I went home knowing my tummy would be happy that evening. 

Cory asked if we had any recommendations or reservations. We threw out a couple ideas consisting of complicated and time consuming meals we would never attempt for ourselves. This list included protein and risotto. The boy came prepared. 

While we were happy with a four course cheese plate including honeyed apples and a variety of toasted crisps, Cory got to work in the kitchen. I tried to document his skills as much as possible, but with the tasty cheese plate, you can say I was highly distracted. 

He started by cooking the chicken lightly on the stove and then switched it into the oven. 

The homemade croutons followed. 

The chicken looked amazing. 

Next came the mushroom risotto. 

His sous chef, Oliver, was making sure the Kitchen floor was clean. 

The croutons were amazing. 

Then he began the Caesar dressing. 

Followed by plating the salad. 

Then it was time to eat! 

Our Kitchen smelled amazing. Cory made us a fabulous meal. Everything was delicious. Thanks again Cory! Please feel free to use your talent and cook for us anytime you wish! 


  1. Cory needs to come & cook in my kitchen!!

  2. Are those anchovies? Those croutons look amazing!!!
    And that chef is cute. lol