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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second Story: Room Reveal

The time has come, and it just so happens to be on this very beautiful New York City day, that has me all in smiles. Even though I already posted for today, I could not help but hold off any longer. Plus, I am in such a good mood. Today is just an overall GREAT day! 

With only a few minor details that need to be worked out, I would like to unveil my Second Story Bedroom! Enjoy!

I would like to thank my amazing Brother and Sister for my fantastic and ultra chic and industrial Contact Stool from CB2!

I would also like to thank my awesome parents for the beautiful housewarming present, my Offset Bench from West Elm. The cushion is still missing but, It should arrive by the end of this month. 

I would like to thank my Uncle Dan for helping me hang my beautiful Rose Tarlow Voile de Bateau shades. They definitely solve the privacy issue!

To complete my room, I purchased this pretty little dresser from West Elm...

and, my snazzy fun new grey brindle cowhide which arrived yesterday! Thank you to my landlord for accepting the package!

Thank you Tess, for laying in my bed and watching me hang the art above my desk. If it wasn't for you, they wouldn't be straight. 

Thank you Emma, for the wonderful support and input! 

Thank you Sara, for the perfect house warming gift and my very first Air Plant from West Elm!

My room is now complete and I love it. It is so functional, not to mention huge, and very me. Finally! 

I wonder what stories this room will bring to my Second Story! I can not wait to find out!


  1. It looks awesome!! Great job on the decor & paint!!!

  2. I love the wall color. Your room looks great!

  3. Oh, my God, Lexi! I just found myself almost on top of my desk while ogling your bedroom!

  4. It looks great! I particularly like the little dresser. :)