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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Second Story: Culinary Creations VI

I cannot believe it is almost already May. This weekend I am heading to New Orleans for the first time. Thankfully, I will have an amazing tour guide in Sara, as she has been a couple of times and would live there if possible. Not only will we be venturing out into the wild, swamp tours, we will also be getting right down and dirty (more like sweaty) at Jazz Fest! I am very much looking forward to this weekend. I love first trips and new experiences. 

So many things have changed in my life recently. Obviously for the better. But many things have still stayed the same, like our fabulous culinary creations at the Second Story. A couple of weeks ago, now, Emily and Emma decided we needed a little pizza in our lives. Let me tell you, these girls know how to make one hell of a pizza. 

They purchased ingredients for three different types of pies and cooked them up, one after the other, while we got to indulge in the current hot pie, while the next one baked. We were so eager, we couldn't help but stare at the oven... Oliver was a much needed vacuum that evening. You know how easy shredded mozzarella cheese ends up all over the place. 

The first pie came out as colorful as food can get. This mushroom and three pepper pizza was delicious! 

There were two more pies, one was a spinach and chicken sausage which was actually my favorite, as you know how much of a meat eater I am!

The next night, with so much dough and sauce left over, Emma managed to scrape together some onions, cheese and mushrooms to throw this baby together. I'm so spoiled. 

Pizza night was definitely a hit. I am thinking, with summer so close we can taste it, a pizza stoop party is a fantastic idea!

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  1. You can't do this to me this early in the morning!! Looks so freaking good!!!