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Friday, May 4, 2012

Do or Dine: Bedstuy

Wednesday night Tess and I decided we needed a girls dinner. Even though we live together, between my travels and our work schedules, we hardly ever see each other. Not only was it time for us to catch up, it was also time and a good excuse to experience another restaurant in our new hood! After four months, I have only been to one. ONE! Can you believe that?  

After we narrowed our options down to a short list, we decided upon Do or Dine. Mostly because it is supposed to be on the more eclectic side of the food spectrum and we wanted something differnt.  Who am I kidding, It was close. super close. The end.  

Between the subway tiled wall, window surround bar, floral vintage looking wallpaper to the disco ball in the center of the room, this place is obviously not your traditional restaurant. Neither is the food!

In traditional Tess / Alexis fashion, we ordered to share. With two appetizers, a salad and one entree, we were good to go. 

Even if you asked, I couldn't decide a favorite between our two appetizers, the Nippon Nachos with gouda, cheddar, masago sour cream and E666s with cilantro and bacon. On the menu, they seem like your typical nachos and deviled eggs. However, on the plate, they were not your typical nachos and deviled eggs. 

The nachos were little pod filled chips piled with yummy goodness. They were fantastic and probably some of my favorite nachos to date. 

The eggs were a mix between your typical deviled egg and scotch egg. They too were fantastic. So tasty. 

After four days in New Orleans, I was have some serious cravings for a salad. SERIOUS. CRAVINGS. So I made Tess order their one and only salad. Unlike the first two items, this was not your normal salad. It had shark, sorrel, and lavender. 

The salad was our least favorite dish of the evening. As Tess said "I feel like I'm eating a flower." I will say, the lavender was pretty potent. 

Our main course of the evening was the  175 5th Avenue Steak. It was coffee rubbed with roasted potatoes, avocado and kimchi.  We both devoured this dish. The combination of all flavors were perfect together. 

If you're in the mood for an experimental adventure, check out Do or Dine! It was a great yet interesting experience. 

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  1. You always pick the coolest restaurants!! The nachos looked delish!