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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dirty Thirty: Nashville Edition

I think we can all agree when I say, Wow! What a weekend. Besides from the excessive heat and some unfortunate travel plans, I believe we all fell in love with the city of Nashville. 

On the way to the airport, standing in the hot sun at 125th Street, waiting for the M60 bus to take me to Laguardia Airport, I got a disturbing phone call from at 1-800 number notifying me that my flight was cancelled. Insert minor freak out. Oh, no big deal, they just cancelled our flight two hours before the flight. 

Oh, don't worry, it was no inconvenience America Airlines. Instead of our perfect direct two hour flight to Nashville leaving at 3:55pm and arriving 5:20pm, they inform us, by recording that they are sorry for the inconvenience but our flight has been cancelled. Sara and I immediately called AA who then notify us that yet again, there is no inconvenience because they have put us on another flight leaving an hour early! 

Oh wait, what was that? AN HOUR EARLY? Good thing we were getting to the airport two hours before our original flight or else we would have missed our new flight. Not to mention the awesome three hour layover in MIAMI getting us into Nashville around 10:30pm. What an awesome way to start a birthday holiday weekend. 

Sara and I did everything we could. We even asked if they would check other airlines and  airports. It even got to the point we were asked them to fly us to Alabama and give us a rental car to drive to Nashville in hopes of salvaging our evening. NOPE. Not only did we now arrive at 10:30pm, Nick could no longer pick us up from the airport ($$$) and we missed out on our all dinner and evening plans.

We were all so drained and exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, we decided we would go to bed and wake up fresh for the long day ahead of us. The next morning we headed to Tavern for brunch. I need to thank Travis for the great recommendation. It was fantastic. 

After a lovely brunch, we took a cab to Hillsboro Village to do some damage. We all scored big time at Pangaen. I managed to find three dresses I needed along with an awesome royal blue top. It's summer, I'm trying to bring out some color. 

After spending more than we needed, we headed back to Broadway and visited the Hatch Show Print, one of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America. It was pretty awesome to see where most of the posters, containing some of the most famous names in history, were made. 

 After, we headed further down Broadway for a few drinks and some country music at Honky Tonk Central. It was a little taste of what we would be indulging in that evening. 

At 3:00pm, we visited the Yazoo Brewing Company for a tour of the brewery and tastings.  You can tell the girls had fun...

After a nap and a shower, we headed back out on the town for some honky tonkin!

The girls went to grab dinner while I went to hang out with my best friend Nick! He had some friends playing at the Full Moon Saloon

Nick got to get up on stage and play with the band. He even played a couple songs on his own! It was great to see him play in Nashville! Finally! Since I passed on dinner, Nice and I later indulged in bar cheetos and street hot dogs. That's the way to do it! 

After, we met back up with the gang at The Second Fiddle and listened and danced to some live music!

Followed by live music and dancing at The Stage!

We finished up the evening sitting down at one of the back tables at Legends Corner. By this time, we were spent. Done. Gone. Ready for bed. So that's what we did! It was a great day turned evening! 

Thank goodness for the free all you can eat, I'm talking Belgain waffle, amazing breakfast in our hotel lobby. That might have saved some lives. After some cheese omlettes, bagles, muffins, waffles, fruit, yogurt, granola, biscuits and gravy, cereal, hard boiled eggs and coffee, we hopped a cab and headed to Centennial Park to view the life size replica of the Parthenon. Unfortunatly on the holiday weekend, it was closed.

Thanks to Jerra for this great photo!

The valet at our hotel mentioned Hog Heaven, an amazing BBQ place just on the outskirt of the park. Also unfortunatly, as it was Memorial Day weekend, it was also closed. Since we had BBQ now stuck in our heads, we headed back to Broadway, to the only known open joint, Jack's Bar-B-Q

Thanks again to Jerra for this photo!

After some BBQ, we headed to Layla's for some more live music. You can say, I felt right at home sitting under the New York plate. 

The rest of the afternoon was a blur. We stopped in tons of bars, shops, candy shops, trashy gift shops, Opry shops, more bars and ended at Lonnie's where Jerra and I did an interesting rendition of Miley Cyru's Party in the USA. Karaoke and this Skib do not go well together. I believe there might be an iPhone video somewhere on this planet (Kristen, I'm watching you!). 

We went back to the hotel to nap, relax and shower. Nick picked us up from the hotel and took us to dinner at some local bar, possibly Corner Pub? Which was in walking distance to where Travis and his friends were hanging out. After dinner, we walked over to Rebar to meet up with him. The rest of the evening was spent between Rebar, Loosers and Legends Corner back on Broadway. 

Once again, we stayed up much later than our old bodies would have liked. However, everyone had a blast. The weekend was full of great friends, food and music. I'm pretty positive when I say, I believe Sara had a fantastic Dirty Thirty in Nashville! 


  1. Looks like Sara had an amazing Dirty Thirty! Love the pics!

  2. Gosh, I'm exhausted just reading this. LOL. Glad you all had a good time, and that you got to meet up with some friends. :)