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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sud vino e cucina: Bed Stuy

Two weekends ago, we had dinner at another little local joint. That makes three down, too many to count to go. I love when I try a new place and actually enjoy it. It is always a plus when it is also conveniently located. Sud vino & cucina, a home style restaurant serving southern seasonal Italian dishes made from scratch, is located on Bedford Street. 

Ryan's sister was still in town and after our long day, we decided to stay close to home for dinner. Smart choice on our part. After a hearty meal of pasta and bread, we knew we were going to crash quickly after.

Sud is one of the newer restaurants occupying the streets of the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood. Slowly, but surely, Bed Stuy is progressing. New restaurant, shops, markets, wine stores, bakeries, buildings are appearing every week. Townhouses are being renovated left and right. In a couple of years, Bed Stuy will be unrecognizable. 

It was a beautiful Saturday. We spent the day out and about, literally all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. The weather was warm and perfect.  Unfortunately, that evening, it had cooled off too much to sit outside in the back garden. We tried but it did not last long.

We moved inside in front of the faux fireplace where we stayed toasty and warm for the remainder of the meal. The interior is a long narrow railroad style interior with distressed dark wood floors, exposed brick walls and single bulb pendants throughout the space. It is definitely a perfect little cozy romantic date place. 

Brooklyn Exposed image

As a complimentary starter along with the bread from Scratch Bread, down the block, olives in olive oil were served. 

As a starter, I had the Caprese di Burrata, fresh tomato, burrata mozzarella and basil. Anytime burrata is on a menu, I treat myself. Ryan and Liz had the Spinaci and Endive salads. All three were fantastic.  

I was in the mood for a red sauce, which is pretty much typical in the way of pastas for myself. I just love a good red sauce. I also love a perfectly cooked fresh homemade pasta. The Pappardelle sounded perfect.

Brooklyn Exposed image

Ryan and Liz both had the Calamari  pasta which has ink pasta, calamari, grape tomatoes and tomato sauce.  Not my thing. But they both said it was fabulous.

I will definitely be visiting again, hopefully soon.  

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  1. NYC has the best restaurants. Everything here is a freaking chain...