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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer in the City

I know technically it isn't summer until June 20th, but after Memorial Day Weekend, when summer Fridays kick in, it sure feels like summer to me! My first summer Friday made a whirl wind of a difference in my weekend. All day Saturday I kept asking if it was Sunday. It sure felt like it! The weekend was wonderful. Ryan's sister came to visit and we did so many New York City summer musts! 

Our first stop of the afternoon was Grey Dog Cafe on Mulberry. Nothing like starting off your evening with sweet potato fries, a humongous chocolate chip cookie and a half price bottle of red. Since it was such a gorgeous afternoon, we decided to walk to the Meatpacking District to show Ryan the Highline. Of course then, was only necessary to make a pit stop at The Standard Biergarten for some ping pong. 

We bounced around the Meatpacking District making stops at Gaslight Lounge and The Tippler before ending the evening with dinner at Buddakan for some divine edamame dumplings, an Alexis favorite.

After a delicious dinner, we headed over to the East Village to meet up with some of Ryan's college friends. Talk about a long day! Fun, of course! But, very long!

The next morning, after finally being able to sleep in, in my own bed, for the first time in a couple of weeks, Ryan made his famous breakfast sandwich, The Top Secret Ryan Bailey Breakfast Sandwish

It is so top secret, I am going to tell you exactly what is in this little joy of a sandwich. 

Two Fried Eggs.
Sausage Patty.
Goat Cheese. 
Black Bean Corn Salsa.
Two pieces of Toast.

After breakfast, and laying around being lazy, we finally got out of the house for another beautiful day in the city. Our first stop was the Brooklyn Bridge Park, with it's breathtaking views of Manhattan, where we enjoyed some refreshing ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Strawberry ice cream just sounded so very summery and perfect!

 After our sweet treat, we headed up and over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan. 

Not without snapping some photos of course!

Our second stop was Beekman's Beer Garden Beach Club at the South Street Seaport. Nothing says summer like an outdoor beach bar right in the middle of New York City! It was our favorite stop of the day. Don't forget to try the Pink Lemonade with Ice Tea flavored Absolute Vodka! 

Tess was still at work by the time we left Beekmans. We decided to stop on my The Growler Bites and Brews for some mid-afternoon snacks before heading back to Brooklyn to nap and get ready for dinner. 

That evening we had the pleasure of dining at a new, only for us, Italian restaurant, Sud vino e cucina.  It was fantastic. It was an early evening for us after the long two days we just endured. 

Sunday was another gorgeous day, well until it decided to sprinkle twice for ten minutes. Ryan and I bid his sister farewell and headed out to Prospect Park for a relaxing day with Oliver. These two crack me up. 

There is nothing like cooking diner at home while watching a Harry Potter marathon to end a lovely weekend.  

This weekend, the parents are in town! I have a lovely itinerary set up including dinners at Mrs. Kim's in Greenpoint, Kutsher's Tribeca, and Del Posto! Did I mention, Harper Blynn is playing? Plus, Ryan and I are going to the Argentina vs. Brazil soccer game! So many exciting things coming up! 


  1. The picture of the dumpling needs to be a scratch n sniff!! ha ha. Sounds like an awesome weekend-glad everyone had fun!!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend and like you have yourself a pretty great man-friend as well :) I need to forward your blog to a friend who travels frequently to NYC-- you have so many great restaurant/bar reviews! And, thank you for your sweet comment...perhaps in my next life I can dabble a bit more in the design world!

  3. Lexi, do visit the Philippines with Andy in July! I'd be glad to show you around! :D