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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July: North Carolina

I was one of the only lucky one's in NYC that didn't have to take off any time for the 4th of July because my office was closed!! Because of this five day weekend, we decided to take full advantage of the situation and head on out of town. Ryan's parents were gracious enough to let us stake out at their North Carolina pad for the long weekend. 

We arrived early on Wednesday morning. Ryan's generous Uncle picked us up to the airport and brought us to his car. With some laffy taffy in our pockets, courtesy of his wonderful Aunt, we headed on down to the shore for a beach filled weekend. 

That evening, after an ice cold shower, I knew we were in the South but whoa! hello humidity! We dressed in our very 4th of July best and headed to downtown Wilmington for dinner and fireworks. We had a fantastic meal at Caffe Phoenix before taking a seat in the middle of the street looking down to the USS North Carolina battle ship where the fireworks were shot from. 

The fireworks were beautiful! There were some new ones I had not seen before. We had a perfect view. 

Red, white and blue! But of course!

Besides from the occasional episode of West Wing (thanks Mom and Dad for getting us hooked) Ted and Savages, we spent most of the time at the beach or sleeping. Did I mention this was a relaxing vacation?

We had wonderful meals at Ryan's parents favorite restaurant Indochine, and a beach themed Mexican Restaurant Tower 7 Baja Mexican Grille. We had some ice cold frozen margaritas! My prickly pear was very tasty. 

On Sunday morning, we headed back to Raleigh to have brunch with Ryan's extended family. After, we headed to his Aunt and Uncle's house to see Utah! Aren't those two adorable. 

Don't worry, I didn't forget about my little love bug. He spent the holiday with Auntie Em and even got to go to work with her on Friday! I believe he was one very spoiled pup! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Fourth! 

I believe I am almost caught up from where I last left off! It looks like my summer is finally starting to settle down. That is until all the wedding festivities start up! In August I will be going to Madison, WI for Ryan's brother's wedding. September I will be going to LA for Jennie's Bachelorette Party! Then of course I have my little brother and Jennie's wedding. Tear! They are so grown up! In October I will be going to Shelter Island for Craig's wedding. After that, then the holidays start with a possible trip to Israel for work! Wow does this year seem like it is flying by. 

I'm exhausted just from thinking about it. I need a vacation!


  1. Wow, three weddings in three months! You're a popular gal. :) And how cool that you might be going to Israel! Hope that pans out for you.

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekened. Utah is adorable!! Can't wait for the September wedding!! AND, I will finally get to see you! yay!