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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charming Connecticut

 Somewhere between planes and boats, we managed to hop on a train and head out East to Connecticut for a much needed completely relaxing weekend. Mike's parents have a wonderful beach house right on the water which they were gracious enough to let us take it over for Father's Day Weekend. 

We donned our trilby hats, preppy attire and were ready for a charming weekend in Connecticut. Oliver too, of course! 

Mike's fabulous parents completely decked out the entire kitchen with enough food to last us three meals a day for an entire week. All of us who love to cook, took turns cooking and cleaning. We made some wonderful meals including chicken tacos, grilled flank steak and waffles! 

Besides from a couple of runs, we all pretty much looked like this all weekend. I must say, Oliver had it down. We all took notes. 

Except when he looked like this.... Poor little guy was scared for his life as he thought Ryan was going to toss him in!

He did take a little dip, grazed the nice freshly cut green lawn...

Sun bathed...

Hung out with the Aunts...

And got way too much attention.

We on the other hand, enjoyed some cold beverages...

and didn't move all day!

Besides to the sofa to fall quickly asleep! Thanks Kristen for capturing this moment!

I'm ready to head back to Connecticut. I am in need of another relaxing weekend in this charming little town! Thank you Mike, Kristen and Mike's parents for such a wonderful weekend! 

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