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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Monaco

Yesterday was my beautiful Monaco's 18th birthday. 

Monaco, originally named Genie D'Oro, was born in Southern France in 1994. As a Selle Francais, being born in the year 1994, meant that his name was to start with a "G". However, thanks to the French salesman at the Henri de Rivel tack shop at the Albuquerque, NM show, the name Monaco was born. Well, for him. You know what I mean. He didn't really seem like a Genie. Plus, that was my Grandmother's name and it felt too odd calling him by what I knew to be a woman's name. The name stuck and today he is only known as Monaco. 

Monaco was my forth horse and I don't mean to be a  bad of a horse owner but, he was also my favorite. He had such a different personality than any other horse. If he knew you were mad, he would stand with his head in the corner of the stall. When he won, he would strut down the aisles back to the stalls, head held high.

My favorite trick I taught him was to stick out his tongue. Yes, a grand prix horse that stuck out his tongue with a push to his nose. I tell you, this is one special horse. Difficult, yes, but completely worth every frustration. 

My last show on Monaco was the Biltmore Estate Summer Classic in Asheville, NC. We won champion in our Jr. A/O division. It was a wonderful end. After that, he moved to Texas with Christian Rogge who has since cared for and showed all over the US. His most memorable moment, winning the Grand Prix at the Biltmore Estate Summer Classic in 2005. Funny coincidence, huh?

So, Moncao, on your 18th birthday, I hope someone down in Texas gave you a tootsie pop!
Happy Birthday!

Biltmore Estate Summer Classic I:
Christian Rogge and Monaco Win $25,000 Juan Hernandez Memorial Cup

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