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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harbor Springs, Michigan: Sara & Scott

Three weekends ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of my oldest friends weddings in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Not only did I get to spend time with my parents, I also got to see my second parents from when I was a little girl. Mr. and Mrs. Romito, Sara's parents, were practically my second parents for how much time Sara and I spent together. 

This is how my Dad always starts the story... When I went to Michigan to look for a house, the realtor brought me next door to meet the neighbors. They also had a little girl who was one year younger than Alexis, named Sara. Sara brought me upstairs to show me all the pretty pink things in her closet. My Dad told her I know another little girl who would love that closet. The rest is history. 

Even though it was only four short years, Sara and I have remained in each others lives going on close to twenty years. Every time we see the Romito's, it feels like yesterday. They are possibly the nicest family we have ever met. 

The weekend was full of family, friends, boating, food and lots of sun! Lake Michigan is absolutely the cleanest lake I have ever laid eyes on. Just looking at the water made me thirsty to jump in. You could see the beautiful clean bottom until the water dropped to such depths of 300 feet. 

We spent that Friday hanging out with our other great family friends, the Spauldings. Pat and Max moved to Harbor Springs roughly ten years ago. They are lucky to have both kids, one married with three kids, living right down the street. It really is a perfect little town, in all ways. 

The first half of the day we spent out on the boat. It was so beautiful, when Andy called to ask if I was on a boat and he proclaimed he was jealous, everyone replied you should be! 

I mean, it can't get much more beautiful than this!

Here is the perfect little town of Harbor Springs. I did not spy a piece of trash the whole trip! 

That evening, after a short nap, we headed to meet the Romito's at the rehearsal dinner. It was a lovely little gathering with close friends and family including homemade burgers, pasta salad and cookies. 

It was unbelievable to see Sara's family, most who I haven't seen since her older brother, Tom's wedding to his wife Laura, probably 16 years ago. Her Grandmother, who made the best stuffed cabbage, yes I love stuffed cabbage, was there and more on top of things than me! Linda and Jerry, who I saw last year in Manhattan for lunch, during one of their road trips, looked better than ever!

Sara and Scott met while Sara was the manager at their rock climbing gym in Michigan.  They later moved to Colorado together, where they still reside. I had no doubt there would be some sort of outdoorsy equipment including a slackline at the wedding. I was right! Apparently there is a video floating around of me slacklining in a dress. I'd love to see that!

The wedding, just like Sara, was very rustic with an origami crane theme. In elementary school, Sara took an origami class which has obviously stuck with her for some time. Growing up her favorite book was One Thousand Paper Cranes. Sara and Linda each made 450 paper cranes for the wedding decorations. 

When Sara told me they were getting married on a beach, I had no doubts they would be barefoot. The wedding all around was Sara. I'm sure it was Scott as well, however, just meeting him once doesn't give me the right to say so. 

Sara's nephews, Tom and Laura's kids, were the crane throwers. I loved this little twist!

One of Scott's older brothers walked Sara's older Sister, Teressa, down the aisle. 

The wedding was beautiful and a little hot, being right on the beach. However, it was short and sweet. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Gawura!

The decorations, the food, the music, the toasts (especially the toasts) and the people were all so wonderful and fitting. We had such a fantastic time and stayed much later than my parents anticipated. What can I say, they're getting old! Everyone had a blast.

Congratulations Sara and Scott! I hope to see you at Andy and Jennie's wedding!


  1. You captured the day perfectly!! I'm crying and smiling and toasting over an authentic pisco sour at my favorite restaurant in

  2. Now that's my kind of wedding! That place looks amazing!!