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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hudson Clearwater

Last night, we had dinner at a new restaurant. Well, it was new for us. Hudson Clearwater, located on Hudson Street, was harder to find than your normal restaurant. You see, technically, they are on Morton Street, which is where the main entrance, through an adorable brick garden, is located.

 After a phone call to Emma, hanging our heads in embarrassing while we headed around the corner, we walked up the stairs and entered this adorable little spot, where we were greeted by a lovely hostess. 

At this time, the early hour of 6:00pm, the place was very quite with mostly staff waiting to greet guests. It was perfect if you ask me. Candles lit the entire space, which was very cozy and intimate. 

It took us sometime to look over the menu and decide on what we would like to order. After some time, we both realized we wanted the same thing. Well, this couldn't happen. When the server came over for the third time, I informed her of our little problem and she was very helpful in solving this little ridiculous food issue. 

We decided on the Lentil Salad with fennel, citrus, radish, yuzu blueberries with a beet puree to start and the Grilled Hanger Steak with thyme, potato-cauliflower gratin, and kale chimichurri and a side of the Grilled Asparagus with their house made farmer's cheese and fresh herbs. 

Everything was so fresh and original and proportionally sized. The Lentil salad was stunning. There were tangy and sweet flavors mixed in with the lentils. Just so mouth watering delicious. Even looking at the photo it makes me want more. 

The asparagus was also fantastic. Everyone who knows me knows I love cheese, and this cheese, with my favorite veggie, was as pretty close to perfect as you can get. 

I'm sorry to say I didn't get a photo of the steak which was delicious and perfectly cooked. However, that potato-cauliflower gratin was unbelievable. We almost ordered a separate side until we realized we did not actually need it. There was more than enough food for the both of us. 

We decided to go for dessert. The server was nice enough to explain each desserts in more detail for me to have a better idea of what I really wanted. I requested something light and berry. She recommended the mixed berries and rhubarb with a lemon biscuit and chantilly cream topped with mint. Two words: Lemon Biscuit. Holy cow. I don't know if it was because I've been trying to stay away from sweets the past couple of weeks or if it was actually that good but, WOW! That lemon biscuit was heaven on earth!

From the atmosphere and the food to the pleasant service, we left very happy. Our server was fantastic. Needless to say, we had such a wonderful experience at Hudson Clearwater and would love to go again soon. Please let us know if you're interested. We are available most nights.