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Monday, July 23, 2012

I love Montauk! The End.

We went to Montauk for a relaxing beach getaway. It was fantastic. Who knew a day trip could be so relaxing yet so perfect. Montauk is the perfect little place to take a day trip. Everything, including the train station, is within walking or biking distance. From the center of town, to the beach, everything is a sandy step away. 

Besides from the long train ride to get out to Montauk, The End of Long Island, the rest of the day was spent in the sun.

We stopped at Joni's to grab a bite to eat before heading to the beach. Jennifer took me to Joni's for the first time two summers ago. It is adorable and delicious. There is always a line out the door but the wait is quick and you can enjoy your meal outside at their umbrella covered picnic tables or walk a block down to the beach. The inside decor screams local beach town hot spot with surfboards on the walls and beautiful sunflowers at the center picnic table. 

We stopped at the surf shop across the street to get Ryan some swim trunks. Apparently, his never made it to New York. We were successful in not breaking the bank and finding some that weren't too shabby. 

The beach was busy, but the beach is the beach. As long as I'm on one, I'm happy. We found a spot and parked for the next three hours. 

We were pretty lazy and laid around most of the time. 

Ryan was brave enough to get in the cold water. I would normally however, with no shower to rinse off later, I preferred not to feel like a sticky mess for the reminder of the day which included the three hour train ride home. 

I played in the sand while he played in the water. 

After our beach outing, we stopped to have a late lunch at 668 Gig Shack. We sat outside under the covered awning and enjoyed the live music and breeze. The live entertainment just so happened to be an eleven year old who we did not even think to look twice at until she opened her mouth. We had an awesome time listening to her while chowing down on our burger and goat cheese beet salad. Check out Charlotte Sabina!

After a rockin lunch, we indulged ourselves a little more with the most amazing homemade ice cream and largest waffle cones I've ever seen. Not only did they have monster waffle cones, they also had my favorite ice cream, Mint Oreo. I'm not talking mint ice ream with Oreo's, I'm talking Oreo's with mint ice cream. There were so many HUGE chunks of oreo in each bite. It was my ice cream heaven. 

I think my cone was bigger than his! Shh, don't tell him. 

We strolled around Montauk for the remaining time we had until heading back to the train station. We also did a little shopping at my favorite stores. Ryan and I each got a Montauk shirt from Local Knit on Main Street. Share with Montauk, my favorite store, and Local Knit teamed up to form a men's shop, Local Knit. Ryan got the cool Ronjo shirt and I the Ditch Witch, which sadly isn't in the photo below. I'm sure you will see it soon!

It was a lovely day trip. One I hope to do again soon! This time with bikes!
It's pretty simple: I love Montauk! The End. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! Jealous you get to go to the beach for a day trip!