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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mrs. Kim's: Greenpoint

Wow! Am I behind or what! This summer has been my busiest yet! I know, 
it's hard to believe it but it is true! 

A month ago now, (wow) my parents came to New York City for a visit! 
ctually the phone conversation which started this whole trip went a 
little like this..

Me: Hey Dad!
Dad: Guess what!
Me: What?
Dad: One of my favorite bands is playing in Manhattan on June 8th.
Me: Oh really! That's funny because Harper Blynn is playing on June 8th too... Duh!
Dad: So, do you want us to come?

And, that is how it all started. Of course, like any of their typical NYC visits, I came prepared with an itinerary to knock anyone's knee highs off.

Dinner - Mrs. Kim's Korean Restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Brunch: Grey Dog Cafe in Manhattan
Day: Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaid dress shopping in SoHo!
Dinner: Kutsher's Tribeca
Out: Mercury Lounge for Harper Blynn

Brunch: Allswell in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Day: Brazil vs. Argentina at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, New Jersey
Dinner: Del Posto

Brunch: Black Swan in Bedstuy, Brooklyn

It was a very cultural weekend including many new spots for my parents to visit in Brooklyn. 

Even after Del Posto and all the wonderful food we ate, the best food we had all weekend was, hands down, the Korean food from Mrs. Kim's. 

I'm pretty sure Tess, who recommended we take my parents here, ordered 
the whole menu. I'm also more than pretty sure we ate everything that 
was ordered. 

The actual restaurant didn't resemble anything Korean except the food. This 
was a running joke for the evening. 

The interior is a moot point anyway. The real deal is the actual food. The 
service was fantastic, besides their lack of servers, which was shortly fixed 
after a much needed phone call, and even Mrs. Kim was there herself 
helping out!

The portions were huge, fresh and smelled of heaven. The six of us devoured 
each and every dish like we had not been fed in years. All of us were stuffed 
to the max. But it was worth it.

Let's see if I can remember everything Tess ordered! 

    Kimchi                          and                         Pork Buns

There were three different types of Kimchi on the platter, each and everyone of them was
fantastic. I even heard multiple times, "I don't typically like Kimchi but that stuff
was delicious!"

My favorite dish, has no name, just like the rest of these dishes because I can't remember it 
and the menu on all websites, isn't working. Awesome. However, you can still look at 
all the amazing food! 

To this day, a month later, my Dad still raves about how amazingly delicious the food was
 at Mrs. Kim's. He will not shut up about it! But I'm glad, because it was that good and it 
deserves that much credit. A pork bun is calling my name very soon! 

* I will indicate what each dish is once the damn internet gets its act together! 

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  1. My list is adding up of places I need to eat! What a fun weekend!