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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FFU Shout Out: Romo

A few months ago, I got an email from one our our fabric vendors, Romo. The email stated that they had come out with a nail polish line and were giving away free mani-pedis. I immediately signed up! Two weeks, before Ryan's brothers wedding in Madison, I had mine. Behind a glass case at the nail salon were all the Romo colors along with adorable notebooks, pens and a blow pop! The colors I selected, I would normally not select. Typically, I would have gone darker and a little funkier. However, I selected something classy and elegant to go with my dress for the wedding. 

On Monday, when I walked into the office, I had a bag from Romo on my desk. Of course I thought it was just fabric samples.

I was wrong! I opened it up to find this adorable package of the nail polish colors I had selected from my mani-pedi! 

Inside were the two colors along with the fabric swatches that inspired the colors and a thank you note from MJ at Romo! I'd say that's a great way to start off a Monday! 

Thank you Romo for the sweet treat and the polish! I am in need for another mani-pedi with these great summer colors! 

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