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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fort Greene: The General Greene

I've been waking up early and working out in the mornings for the past month. This change has really improved my social life. Instead of going to the gym and getting home around 9:00pm, I get home bright and early around 5:45pm. This gives me much more time to spend with Oliver, take him for little walks, and still have time to hang with friends. So, on Tuesday night, after walking the dog and watching a little TV with Tess, I decided we should go out to dinner. 

Emma and Chris had recently been to this cute and delicious restaurant she could not stop talking about so I figured, before I moved out of Brooklyn, I should hit up all the local favorite spots. We hopped on our bikes and headed to The General Green in Fort Green. 

We originally were seated outside. It was a beautiful cool night, very rare these days, and we thought we would give it a try. But, the bugs got the best of us and we moved inside.

Just like most New York restaurants these days, the interior is as cute and cozy as possible. We selected a two top in the front window so we could people watch all the interesting people there are to watch in Brooklyn these days. Trust me, there are many. The best shirt we saw by far was a solid black shirt with white writing on the front which read Serena. Dan. Blair. Chuck. Did I mention the funniest part of this was the fact the guy wearing the shirt defiantly did not belong in the shirt. 

The most difficult part of this evening, didn't you know going out to eat could be difficult?, was decided on what to eat. It could have been the fact that for some reason I had been starving all day. I was in serious need of something healthy and hearty. Nothing was filling me up that day. Everything sounded so delicious I wanted to throw the menu across the room and tell the server to decide for me. 

Let me just give you some examples of what we went through.

roasted cauliflower mushroom salad
truffle oil, two poached organic eggs, pumpkin seeds, baby arugula & herb croutons
3 cheese & mac
fresh cavatelli, white cheddar, gruyere & parmesan
rock shrimp & grits
salsa verde, white cheddar & smoked bacon
General Greene fried chicken
cheddar-jalapeno polenta muffin & fingerling potato salad w/ smoked bacon

I mean come on, there are only four dishes right there and I don't even like seafood. 
It honestly took us three times asking the server for more time to finally decide.

As I've been working extremely hard to change my eating habits over the past two months, I selected the organic roasted chicken with grilled corn and fingerling - leek hash.  The dish was fantastic, even with the pool of butter the grilled corn and fingerling - leek has was drowning in and I might just have dipped each and every bite of chicken in as well. However, it was so buttery that the grilled corn actually had a popcorn taste to it. No lies. 

Tess decided on the Seared Day Boat Scallops crusted in salt and pepper with smoked bacon, avocado in a maple-soy reduction and a side of the sauteed red kale with sea salt, garlic and red pepper flakes. 
I did have a taste of the kale and they don't lie! When they say red pepper flakes, they mean red pepper flakes!

We passed on the option for one of these...


I know, can you believe that? But, I did get a small cone of their salted caramel with pretzels. Like I said, changing eating habits. I can't cut everything completely, so instead, I had a little sweet treat. 

We walked around Fort Greene a little after dinner and found a very creative way to cover scaffolding at Chez Oscar.

 Then we hopped on our bikes and headed home. What a nice evening it was. 

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  1. Umm hello-they had mac & cheese!!! Why did no one order it!!!!