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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fourteenth Floor Up: Clean Slate

In only 22 days, I will be moving again! That is twice this year! For someone who lived in one apartment five and a half years, I am sure making my moving quota for my New York City residency. 

I've shared the beautiful exterior of the building, and some of it's amazing views (below) so I think it is time to share my new clean slate! 

I have finally moved into a new apartment. Technically, there has been more other person to occupy this apartment, but only for a year or two so I will be the number two resident of this apartment. Therefore, you can imagine how shiny and new it should be. What I am most excited about is my very own STAINLESS STEEL APPLIANCES! I also can not wait to get some fun stools for the Kitchen counter! 

Oh they are so sparkly! Did I mention I have Caesar Stone counters?

The Living Room, wait what, did I just say Living Room? Yes, I did! You guessed it! I have a one bedroom apartment for the first time in my life! This just means all my friends can come visit now and not have to worry about changing in a teeny tiny, and grossly hot, bathroom! 

Eventually I will invest in a pull out sofa for guests! But right now, I just need to deal with the actual move. 

I have plenty of closet space for my coats, rain jackets, rain boots, vacuum, umbrella stand. You get the point!

The bedroom is a nice size. I've played around with all of my furniture on CAD and already have an arrangement that seems to work out.

There is a nice deep, finally, closet. I will be able to close my closet doors without shutting the sleeves in the doors. There is also plenty of room for my shoes. 

I could fit a dresser in there if I really wanted to! But mine is too new and cute to do that. Plus, it's pretty. 

Finally, the bathroom. My Dad had one request before my apartment hunting went underway. In his own words he said "You need to have a bathroom that is big enough so when I'm sitting on the toilet, the door can open and close." That is a true Bob Skib quote right there. My last bathroom was so small, you had to sit on the toilet sideways. In fact, I got so used to it, I still sometimes do it. No need anymore!

Oh yeah, did I mention I have my own WASHER and DRYER? Amazing. 

 My Mom is flying in to help with the move. I cannot wait for her to get here and help me pack! We will have so much fun designing the new place together. Who's coming to visit me? 


  1. Wow, that *is* a great view! Congrats on the new place! And I think your dad had a good point. haha

  2. Great apartment. Have fun with the move and decoration.

  3. Very cool Alexis!! As you already know- BCJ is jealous!!