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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Madly in Love with Madison

Last weekend I got to spend a wonderful couple of days in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin for Ryan's brother, Adam's wedding to his beautiful "wife to be" Erin. This was my second time to visit Madison. The first time was a band road trip with MWK the summer before my Sophomore year of college. This time was a little a lot different. 

I arrived on Friday with a big greeting hug from Ryan, who had been upstate with his family for the two weeks before the wedding. We arrived at the hotel where I spent the next couple of hours with my parents until the rehearsal dinner which was a casual park BBQ. 

That evening we went to bed fairly early as the wedding festivities started bright and early the next morning along with the most amazing farmers market I had ever seen. Beautiful flowers, fresh ripe vegetables, right out of the oven baked goods, farm fresh meats and cheese (Oh, the cheeses!) surrounded the Washington Capitol building on all four sides. It was never ending. 

Speaking of cheese, Ryan got a bag of the cheese curds just so we could all taste them. They were squeaky good! You could only have so many though.

The highlight of my morning was the golden creamy melt in your mouth amazing cheese danish I devoured. My favorite pastry growing up, and still is, the cheese danish. Every Sunday morning on the way to the beach in San Diego we stopped at the Pannikin for the parents blueberry scones, Andy's blueberry muffin and Lexi's cheese danish.  Now, it has been awhile since I have had a cheese danish, but this little dane was the creamiest, sweetest, most party in my mouth baked good I had ever experienced. I can still visualize it. I don't know how, it was gone so quickly. I did not even get a chance to capture the moment. 

After a beautiful morning, my parents and I split ways and went to explore Madison a little. We ended up walking towards the University and found a cute little second story cafe to have some lunch. On our way back to the hotel, we ran into some good looking guys...

The wedding took place on the rooftop of the Museum of Modern Art, a short two block walk from our hotel. The ceremony was beautiful and short, which are pretty much my only requirements if you would like my presence at your wedding. After the ceremony, the parents and I took over a corner of the hotel bar, sipped on some Concourse Cosmos and waiting for our friends to join us. Once the bridal portraits were complete, everyone headed over to the Overture center for a cocktail party before the formal reception. 

The specialty cocktails were delicious, the h'orderves were tasty, and the company was wonderful. Eventually we were all seated down in the main room where we were welcomed with a cleaver entrance from the bridal party and of course the bride and the groom! Dinner was served shortly after, the toasts were made and the dancing began! 

The band, made up of university professors, played everyone's favorites oldies and classics while during their breaks, today's pop hits were blasted! The dance floor was hopping! Literally! There wasn't a person who didn't give their dancing shoes, or thankfully supplied flip flops, a go! 

The night was just starting for many of those youngsters however, the old folks were ready to go home and go to bed once the reception was over. The day and evening were a success. Everyone had a fantastic time and made many new friends. Ones which I hope to keep in touch with.

Congratulations Erin and Adam! Or should I say, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey! 
I hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon! 

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