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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Park Slope: Al Di La Trattoria

It's moving week! My Mom arrived yesterday to help me out. I was such an efficient packer this past weekend that she was thrilled with how little she actually has to pack. The kitchen, which she started today, then the bathroom and my clothes, which we will pack Friday night. Everything else is for the movers!

In honor of moving week, we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Al Di La Trattoria in Park Slope last night. 

Two of Emma's birthdays ago we tried to dine at Al Di La. However, with it being a weekend and later in the evening, there was no way we were getting in. They do not take reservations. This time I was prepared and called a head to see when they opened. We arrived shortly after doors opened for dinner. 

We each decided on first courses. It was a special "moving" occasion so we thought it was necessary. Well, that and the fact that everything on the menu, plus the seven specials our server recited, sounded more than necessary.  My first dish was a take off a Caesar salad. The romaine was replaced with a crispy, yet not too crispy, delicious kale topped with parmigiano and an anchovy balsamic dressing. My Mom chose the squash salad and Sara, a side of the house mashed potatoes. I applaud her for this selection and realized even more why we are friends. 

For our main courses, all of us decided on pasta. Sara and I each had the Tortelli with mascarpone and corn. The perfect end of summer dish. (Has anyone else been eating corn more than usual lately? If not, you should, it is absolutely amazing right now. Some of the sweetest corn I've ever had.) Sara and I both finished our plates to the extent of almost licking the sweet sauce.

My Mom had the Tagliatelle al Ragu' which has three meats in a creamy red sauce. The portion was so huge, she shared bites with the two of us and had extra to take home for lunch today. 

Not to brag but Meryl Streep was also there!

Today we have some curtain shopping to take care of, which will take place instead of lunch. Hey, this is my kind of lunch! Then the final boxes and we are ready for the movers Saturday morning. Everything is looking good! Keep your fingers crossed for an easy, hassle free move! I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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  1. This post needs to be a scratch n sniff! haha. Dinner looked amazing!! And I freaking love Meryl Streep!