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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bachelorette Ballads

This past weekend was Jennie's Bachelorette weekend in Los Angeles. We wanted to keep the whole weekend a surprise for her because surprises are just that much more fun. Everyone did such a great job (pats on backs). Besides from Jennie being a little pain in our butts asking a thousand questions, the weekend was fabulous. Each day we handed her a riddle with hints to what we will be doing. I thought I would share the riddles as they are very cute! 


I have finally arrived so you know what this means!
Our girls weekend is no longer just a dream!

Let's get our dancing shoes dirty under the Hollywood moon.
And make memories lasting until we're old and prune.

This girls weekend kicks off the start of your new life.
One last hurrah before you're husband and wife!

After dinner at Aroma Cafe, Amy and I took Jennie to see Dirty Dancing at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.


Wake up! There's no sleeping in.
It's road trip time so we're out like the wind.

Let's pack the car, make some pit stops too.
Cause this girls weekend has more surprises than, BOO!

There's nothing like a little vino or nibbles of formaggio 
To make your day better with friends who are so clever!

Don't forget the sunscreen, we don't want you to burn.
You're gonna get wet so don't be so stern.

A perfect end to the day, we hope you don't stray.
What better than dinner and a movie m'kay?

After a pit stop to Jennie's favorite cheese shop, Artisan Cheese Gallery, to pick up some cheese and sandwiches, we stopped back at the house for my "forgotten" sunglasses! BOO! Sarah flew into LA to surprise Jennie for the weekend! After our big surprise, we headed to Malibu Wines to eat our yummy cheese and sandwiches, savor an amazing Pinot Rose and listen to the live acoustic singer song writer. 

After a little vino, we headed to El Matador Beach in Malibu for some much needed fun in the sun!

Amy rejoined our party and we had a lovely dinner at Churchill. 


The final day has arrived.
But you guessed it, there's another surprise. 

Put your best clothes on, and bathing suit too
You're in for a treat, maybe one or two. 

We will soak in the luxury, sip some fruity posh drinks
Let's pretend our lives are always a beauty like Pinks

A sweet frozen treat after the hot sun
To remind us we're not even close to being done

In less than a month, the real party begins
As we meet again to celebrate with big grins

Expect all sorts of cheers, jeers and even tears
During the best time of your life celebrated by all your favorite peers

Our surprises aren't over yet! After three years of living in LA, Jennie had still never set foot in The Griddle. Of course we had to go!

The last surprise was the biggest, and most relaxing. When we pulled up to the London Hotel and pressed "P" in the elevator Jennie's first comment was..."Oooo penthouse! No! Did you get me a hooker?" Who does she think we are? Of course we didn't get her a hooker. But, we did rent a cabana at the rooftop pool! Complete with Gordon Ramsey snacks, cucumber water, sodas, red bull, sweet treats, cheese plate, fruit plate, sun screen, magazines, TV and towels. I'm pretty sure we were all in heaven. Oh yeah, you can't forget the amazing salt water pool. Did I mention heave? 

After the day in the sun, Menchies was a must. I had never been and Jennie always talks about it. Of course it was delicious. Thank you Jennie for the frozen yogurt!

Now, I have a vacation hangover. I need another vacation!
However, I don't get another vacation. I have a huge installation going on at work and a move to prepare for. Nine days and counting until I am a Manhattan resident once again! Wish me luck! Oh yeah, then a wedding! 


  1. This made me well up. :) You guys are full of love. :) I'm so happy for Andy and Jennie!!! :)

  2. Looks like a superb weekend! I am sad that I missed it! But you girls threw a hell of bachelorette weekend for sweet jennie!!

  3. Jennie is lucky to have such great friends! Looks like an awesome time was had by all. :)