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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bedstuy: Saraghina

Another successful day, another successful dinner last night. Before I moved to Brooklyn, a friend told me I had to try one of their favorite Italian restaurants in my new neighborhood. After seven and a half months of living in Brooklyn, I had not been. With two days left, and Mom in town, we decided it was now or never. We walked, what seemed like forever, and finally ended up out in front of Saraghina

I mean just look at how cute this place is...

It was your picture perfect evening and we decided to sit outside despite the bugs. The hostess promised they had enough citronella candles to start a bon fire. 

To start we shared a green salad. The dressing was simply fantastic!

We also ordered a pizza for the table. The crust was fantastic!

Who can say no to a truffle mushroom risotto?

Everything was wonderful. We decided a celebration was in order as Mom was in town, it was my last couple nights in the apartment and I was moving into my new apartment. The server loved us so much he brought out two, pear cobbler with tiramisu ice cream and the tiramisu. 

Honestly, one of my top five favorite tiramisus! 

Wow this feels like forever ago now but, I am so glad we had dinner here before I moved. It really was wonderful. 

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