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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shelter Island: Craig & Charl

Last weekend was my fourth and final wedding of the year. I must say, all four weddings were fabulous. I've had such a great wedding year. 

This wedding was a little different for me. This was the first wedding I've been to with some of my New York friends. All my previous weddings have been high school or college friends. It was great being able to hang out, dress up and celebrate with my everyday New York friends. 

Emma and Chris were running the Staten Island half marathon on Sunday so they rented a car to drive out to Shelter Island for the wedding. I was lucky enough to be able to catch a ride with them. Oliver came too! We spent the morning frolicking on the Southampton Beach before we picked up some delicious sandwiches from Golden Pear in Sag Harbor, and headed to Jen's house to get dressed. Once we were all fancy, we headed out to Shelter Island for the wedding. 

The weather was almost perfect, there was just a little too much humidity in the air. All of us were having bad luck with our hair. We got there early enough to socialize with our friends and snap some photos before everything was touched!

The ceremony was short and sweet, just like all of the other weddings this year. I must say, I hope this tradition stays because this is my type of wedding. All of our friends occupied a whole row! It was so much fun. 

Craig was escorted by his parents! I finally, after six years, got to meet them!

Charl was also escorted down by his parents. It was such a touching and emotional moment. I'm so happy for them. 

After the ceremony, which was officiated by their dear friend Mickie, who did an amazing job, we all grabbed some cocktails and chatted away with all our friends. 

The ceremony and reception all took place at the Pridwin Beach Hotel on Shelter Island. It was beautiful and worked perfectly with the nautical theme of the wedding. Of course I wouldn't expect anything less from an extremely talented interior designer!

I spent the night at Jen's house. I was so tired, Oliver and I passed out on the sofa. I slept so well I'm thinking of importing her sofa into my apartment here in the city! Shh, don't tell her!

Her house is so beautiful, I never want to leave. I got pretty cozy hanging out there by myself. 

Oliver didn't seem to mind it either. 

Especially since we spent the morning here...

Let's just say, someone slept the entire drive home! 

Congratulations and I wish you years and years of happiness, Craig & Charl! 

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