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Friday, October 5, 2012

TriBeCa: Locanda Verde

The name Locanda Verde has been thrown around in my face for years. I always hear about it, read about it but I've never seen it. I had no doubt it existed, I had proof with friends dining there, however, It was completely off my radar in a location which I infrequently travel. Every person I know to have gone has raved about the food, ambiance and service. 

Finally, out of sheer act of desperation, I devised a plan to get there. Actually, that is not how it went at all. It was more of an accident really. I have a friend, Sam, visiting me in NYC this weekend. Her roommate also came down to stay with a friend in Brooklyn. They both arrived at my apartment when I arrived home from work. As these two New York Newbees did not know where to go, I decided to walk them there. It turns out, their friend works for the TriBeCa Film Festival. Well, when you work for the TFF, you work in the building for the TFF. Does anyone get where I'm going with this? 

It just so happens Robert De Niro is the founder of the TFF and he just so happens to also be the owner of Locanda Verde. Alas, Locanda Verde occupies part of the first floor of the same building where the TFF offices are. The Greenwich Hotel and Tribeca Grill also happen to be in this same building. Did I mention I love my new neighborhood? It is within walking distance of all of my favorite neighborhoods. I cannot wait to explore TriBeCa more!

As we stood outside the TFF offices waiting for their friend, I easily convinced Sam to join me for dinner at Locanda Verde. As you can imagine, it wasn't too difficult. 

The restaurant, as you can believe, was spectacular, from the inside out. Every little detail was beautiful and the food was delicious. There wasn't much more I could ask for. I was pretty happy to finally be dining at Locanda Verde. 

I know I recently talked about my new eating lifestyle change however, this lifestyle change does not include depriving my body for delicious foods. Therefore, I had a piece of bread last night and it was worth it. 

For an appetizer we had the Burrata. I am a huge burrata fan. When it is on the menu, you can bet I will order it. This one didn't disappoint. It was a great appetizer and addition to the amazing bread! 

For our entree, Sam and I split the Pumpkin Agnolotti Ravioli. It was very light and a little bland compared to the powerful side we split. With that said, it was also delicious. 

For our side we selected the Pancetta and Pecorino Brussels Sprouts. I mean, anything with pancetta is bound to be amazing. 

I say this every time but, I do hope to return one day. There were so many other dishes which looked stunning. Plus, I didn't even have dessert!