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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Williamsburg: Diner

I've had a couple busy days. Actually, more like busy month. I feel like I've lived in my new apartment forever now when in sense, it hasn't even been a month. After moving, a week long vacation to Tulsa for Andy and Jennie's wedding, four days of work, a friend visiting from Montreal and a weekend in the Hamptons, no wonder I'm sick! That and the fact everyone in my office is also fighting off this nasty cold. 

Thank goodness for Columbus Day and Canadian Thanksgiving or I would not have been able to show Sam around Brooklyn and have a wonderful brunch in Williamsburg or have an extra afternoon of rest, relaxation and catching up with chores. 

Sam and I started off our Monday excursion with a stroll down the Brooklyn Heights Promenade followed by a walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We ended up at Jane's Carousel where I made Sam go for a ride!  

We walked through DUMBO and hopped on the train towards Williamsburg where we were planning on having brunch. 

I've been an avid follower of the blog Hither & Thither and their lavish excursions throughout New York City. When I have friends in town I love trying new places with them. This way, I get a new experience to share with them. While showering after my bike ride that morning, a restaurant came to me thanks to Hither & Thither. I was racking my brain for peoples favorite restaurants in NYC and I remembered theirs,  Diner, located under the Wiliamsburg Bridge.

When I did my research after I remembered Diner, I noticed that they are also affiliated with Marlow & Son's Restaurant and the Marlow & Daughters Market, which I have been to and loved. This made me even more excited. 

Diner, which located inside a 1926 dining car, is located on Broadway and Berry Street, attached to it's brother restaurant Marlow & Son's. 

We were seated in the back portion next to a small window where we could people watch. The menu was short and simple. It was too easy. I knew it was about to get more complicated and I was right. Our server told us what the special was for each menu item that day. Instead of just scone, it was really a pear scone with apple butter. This was just the scone. Therefore when we got to Country Breakfast, we knew it was going to get more complicated. We didn't know it was also going to contain five amazing specials which the server happily wrote down on our table...

After contemplating a couple options over in our heads we ordered, drank our tea, and chatted about the day and what was in store.  

Sam decided on the Country Breakfast which included scrambled eggs, pickled red cabbage, a homemade biscuit with tomato jam and smoked ham with cheese. Everything looked amazing. So much so, I ordered a biscuit for myself. 

I decided on the Omelette. I can't remember exactly what it was but it contained the word frittata so I went for it. It was also delicious. 

It was the perfect little place for an out of towner, and a local who wanted a cute and delicious experience. 

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