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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted! Did you?

Now I know this beautiful girl isn't technically me but, do you see that second sticker she is holding? Well, that is mine! 

Unfortunately, they are not handing out "I Voted" stickers in New York. So, after my little rant on how upset that I dint receive an "I Voted" sticker, my awesome brand spankin' new sister (in law) expressed how I was bummed out and those great people in the perfect state of California gave her a second "I Voted" sticker for me! How sweet is that. So needless to say I VOTED!

It took two hours standing outside, half the time in 30 degree weather, watching the only two ballot scanners jam, emergency workers called in to unjam the jam, and complaining how this high-tech country still uses pens and ballots to vote. Are we behind the times? It sure looked like it today. But I am proud to say I VOTED!! And so should you!

GO VOTE and then let me know you did! I'll definitely high five you! Even if it's a virtual high five!

Thank you Jennie for thinking of me! And thank you to my birth state for still thinking about me! XO

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  1. I'm late in responding...but I voted! By mail, though. I'm too lazy to go to the polls.