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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New York Magazine

I am sure most of you saw the breath taking NY Mag cover from last week. To think that most of lower Manhattan was out of power for almost a week is incredible. I am thankful to be back home living in my cold apartment with no hot water or heat. Honestly, I am. I cannot believe there are still so many people without power and even worse, those without homes.

I was able to join a friend to workout at the Equinox in TriBeCa on Sunday and in honor of those people without power or homes, I decided to change up my workout a little. Instead of running or the elliptical, I climbed up 77 flights of stairs for those 77 flights my fellow neighbors would have had to climb up to get to the top floor of their apartment in my building. Luckily, I only had to climb up 14 flights to collect my belongings  when the power went out. I couldn't even imagine 77 flights. Hopefully, everyone got out with all of their important belongings before the power went out. The best part was the hot shower at the end. I cannot even imagine losing everything.

There are so many wonderful people helping out all over the state and even from all over the United States. I would like to thank ConEd, Verizon, AT&T, City workers including the police departments, fire departments, Sanitation workers, and I'm sure there are many many more people that I forgot. But, thank you for doing all you've done. You are truly appreciated. 

I hope everyone can find shelter and a safe warm place for tomorrows nor'easter. Thinking of those who lost their homes. Please keep safe. 

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