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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sara's Surprise

A week ago, I got a text message from Sara saying she has a surprise for me.  I don't do surprises well. I typically just sit in deep thought racking my brain trying to figure out what these said surprises could be. 
It was a good thing I had a long weekend in North Carolina to try to forget about this big ball she just dropped on me or I would be going crazy. 

Friday day came and went with out me getting too crazy in deep thought. I did do a lax search on Time Out NY to see what was going on that night. Nothing caught my eye. All I was told was to go home, walk the dog, and meet Sara at her office at 6:30pm. 

After a cocktail at Jake's Dilemma, a bite to eat and a glass of wine at Tolani, she dragged me down the street and around the corner where I spotted a tour bus and a theater. However, I'd never been to a show up that far West and had no idea what the theater was. It turns out it was the beautiful and majestic Beacon Theater! I made it all the way inside and to the bar when the bar tender ruined my surprise! The best part was the look on his face when I screamed GRACE POTTER!! I guess he didn't hear that it was a surprise. It's all good!

Sara and I found our seats, enjoyed our drinks and rocked out for the concert! Grace Potter's voice is amazing! Of course I already knew that but I had never seen her live! Thanks again Sara for the wonderful evening and surprise! 

 Not only was the concert great but the light show was awesome! I had so much fun photographing and capturing the lights with my little iPhone!

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