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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Road Trip

Today is my Friday! Are you jealous? I'm jealous of myself. We are all very ready for this holiday weekend. I even get to spend an extra long weekend with my family and best friend! Sara is heading upstate to the Vineyard with me this year for Thanksgiving. 

The main reason Sara is coming with me is not the holiday but something even better. Is it even possible to get better than spending time with family, or your friends family, for the holidays? 
Oh yes it does. Instead of telling you, let me show you.

Sara is the proud new owner of a longhair miniature dachshund named Tucker. Tucker, or Lil Tuck, is from the same breeders as Amos and Oliver. My wonderful and gracious parents went and picked up Lil Tuck two weeks ago and have been puppy sitting ever since. Does it show they have a soft spot for doxie puppies? 

My parents are flying upstate today with the little guy and tonight after work, Sara, Oliver and I are headed upstate to meet Lil Tuck. You can imagine how excited we are. Puppies always make everything better! 

Welcome to New York Tucker!


  1. Ohmygod, look at his color!!! Adorable!!! Happy Thanksgiving, Alexis!

  2. What a cutie! Are you sure your parents are going to give him up willingly? :P