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Thursday, December 13, 2012

All I Want For Christmas...

I have had the most interesting reactions while sharing my Christmas list this year.  
It typically goes like this....They look at me to see if I am joking, and when they are positive 
I am not, they start laughing. I mean, doesn't everyone ask for hangers for Christmas? 
Apparently not as many as I thought. 

But, I did. I asked for hangers. And, guess who got them? Me! 
Alexis asked for hangers for Christmas.  

Hangers are a very important visual aspect to a closet. I guess there is also that practical
part they play as well. But, visually, how beautiful is a closet when every
single hanger is matching? 

A very BIG thanks to my Aunt Debby for my wonderful grey and chrome Huggable Hangers!

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