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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pickle Dog Design

Yesterday, I was abnormally excited to get home. I had two emails from my building concierge announcing two boxes waiting for me! It's the little things in life that get us excited these days. I was so thrilled about my boxes, I almost totally forgot to look in my mailbox. I distinctly remember saying to myself, it will still be there tomorrow, and headed upstairs with my big boxes! 

However, on my way back up from walking Oliver, I decided, why not, I'm right here and it will take two seconds. Am I glad that I did! MAIL! Not just any mail, a nice fluffy and cute little packaged envelope. The kind where you know it's not just a card. 

On my way up the elevator, I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I could have asked for or who it could have been from. I'd never heard of Pickle Dog Design, which was my only clue on the package. I even went so far as to think about a mass family email that went out containing my Christmas list for this year... a dog collar and leash set for Oliver... No, it wasn't thick enough, however small he is.  My second thought, who has asked me for my new address (the best part of moving, when someone asks you for your new address so you know something is coming). What could it possibly be? 

Of course it was none of the above. It was even more special, a surprise from a dear dear friend who knows you so well! Last year, I blogged this... I want. Two weeks later, I got this in the mail... Blog and You Shall Receive.  This time I didn't even have to blog and she still managed to find something I love. Terah, thank you for my fantastic Pickle Dog Design 2013 Dachshund Calendar. I love it!

Oliver loves it too! He says thank you Auntie Terah! We love you! 

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